Cory Wiatrek sent this in:

Hello wrestling fans. I just wanted to clear up a reporting mistake I made a few weeks ago here on I had reported that Torrie Wilson’s store in The Woodlands, TX called “Jaded” had gone out of business. The store has not shut down, but has simply moved to a new better location. When I was shopping with my wife today I noticed the store is still open and running.

I thought the store had shut it’s doors for good a few weeks ago because it was originally at the back of the shopping center. The store has now moved to the main part of the shopping center. I would like to make it clear that this was just a fan’s mistake and that the WrestleView staff had nothing to do with the false news.

The good news is Torrie Wilson’s store seems to be doing very well and that my wife loved the clothes. Torrie was even in the store and greeted us. So again, I apologize and wanted to clear things up on my reporting mistake. I am not an official reporter and they are not to blame.