The latest edition of the popular “Pro Wrestling Rewind” radio show now on ESPN Radio 1400 (1400 AM) featuring host “The Power” Andy Knowles is now streaming and online for your listening pleasure.

Taking place this past Saturday night (February 14), host “The Power” Andy Knowles is back with another edition of the Pro Wrestling Rewind on ESPN Radio 1400. Andy is joined by Sunday Night Showdown host JJ Sexay to talk about the incident involving Chris Jericho last Saturday in Victoria, British Columbia following a WWE Raw event, Andy gives a little lesson about Canadians to those unaware, JJ busts out his Nancy Grace impression on what would have happened if she covered the Jericho incident, thoughts on Christian’s return to WWE this week, why JJ feels like ECW is the show to watch, rumors about Lacey Von Erich and Playboy, news on the upcoming WWE “Legends of WrestleMania” video game, Victoria stating she is trying out MMA training since her retirement from WWE, TNA’s Knockouts division and thoughts on the Against All Odds last Sunday. During the second hour, Andy is joined by wrestling fan and Victoria, B.C. resident Ryan who filmed the now famous YouTube footage of Chris Jericho’s incident with a few fans.

Streaming link: Click here to hear the show (.mp3 version) has been the official news source for the “Pro Wrestling Rewind” for quite some time now and we are excited to continue this great partnership with Andy Knowles.

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