Tony Vela sent this in: The new, official Shelly Martinez website is now up: The full site, with features will be ready to go in March, 2009.

Mike Trash sent this in: Dave Hebner, Cripplin Cruisers and Ace Frehley Tribute on 2/10 TTRS

Last Show we had on the Francine, Tank Abbott & Marvin Ward. Check them out in the archives.

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Dave Hebner
He was a road agent and ref for the WWE for most of his career. He was part of some of the most historic matches of all time. He is now part of TNA and Ward-Hebner Promotions and will continue to be a force in the industry. This week we speak to him about his career and future plans.

The Cruisin Cripples
They are another radio show that is on 2 days a week. On Mondays they are a Wrestling show and Thursday they tackle current events and other topics. This week we cover their show and what makes them unique in the business. We even have an exclusive segment called “Something that flattens my tires”.

Bill Baker – Ace Frehley Scrapbook
He had a dream and idol. He was in a tribute band to his hero and eventually not only met him but became friends with him. Eventually he puts out a book on his hero. This week we talk to the make behind the pages. Dreams do come true.


Daniel Puder


Comin In March

Steve Corino


Michael J Fox Media Event Coverage with Brim


Chad Szeliga – Breaking Benjamin (Drummer)

Ronnie Paige – Fuel (Bass)

Jose Hernandez JR From HBO’s OZ

Cheryl Bachman – Playboy Centerfold 1991

Dara “Like Dat” Boyd – Flavor of Love/Flavor of Love Charm School

John MacAluso – TNT, Riot, Ark Drummer

Metal Mike – Halford, Sebastian Bach, Pain Museum (Guitarist)

Tattoo Tony – Bret Michaels Tattoo Artist