Jeremy Samples sent this in: On this week’s episode of the USA show “Psych”, there is a wrestling reference. In one scene, there is a picture of a guy with a bird on his shoulder…the main star says “That looks like Koko B. Ware.”

Mike Griffin sent this in: Hey guys, just to follow up what Ben sent in earlier, it is almost a total lock that Sky will get the TV rights again as Setanta’s following is now dwindling massively. They managed to lose one of their two soccer packages in bidding this week, and with their finances so bad, they were forced to abandon any bids for further TV rights, like Tennis, Rugby or Wrestling.

Sky has invested a lot of money in their WWE package, but they have dropped the ball slightly with their coverage of it. The time in which the shows are broadcast are just too difficult to follow and too late for most audiences to watch. Plus, while TNA were on tour in the UK, there would be a commercial every time that WWE TV was on.

So, in essence, Sky advertised for the company that is trying to overthrow WWE on WWE programming, not good publicity.