Tony Vela sent this in: Former WWE/TNA diva, Shelly Martinez, has a new e-Bay auction running. Item number is at the following link: click here.


I wore these pants when I was in TNA before they revealed I was the unknown LAX member that would come out and help them. You might better remember them as the pants I stripped out of when I was revealed as the new member! If you missed it, I’m sure it’s on YouTube somewhere!

William Hatfield sent this in: This Wednesday Night on The Wrestling Hotseat hosted at and sponsored by we have a fully loaded series of interviews with wrestling stars from across the world!

First up, we have Part one in my new series titled “Independent Nation” where I am conducting interviews with little known independent wrestlers.

My guest is a truly fascinating individual by the name of Damien Darling. Damien is a former front man in a rock n roll band and independent wrestler in the Northeast United States. He will also be taking part in this weekend’s Staten Island Super Signing . You can find out how to attend the February 7th event at

Second in the Independent Nation series, I have the pleasure of speaking with a beautiful young lady who is currently training for a debut this summer with World Stars Wrestling, her name is Nacya and she is going to be a superstar not only in her native Portugal, but potentially the world.

Then I have the distinct honor of speaking with The Queen of Extreme Francine! Francine joins me to discuss what she’s been up to since we last saw her in the WWE’s revamped ECW, how her life has changed, the challenges of being pregnant, and a few other fun topics. Francine will be a part of the HUGE State Island Super Signing, so you really have to get out to this event and see this amazing roster of talent scheduled!

And finally I have an amazing 60 Minute interview with Global Wrestling Federation Legend and American Cruiserweight Pioneer, Mr. Chaz Taylor.

Chaz holds nothing back in this interview and it must be heard to be believed, from his experiences in the GWF, the people he worked with, his famous wrestling father Tugboat Taylor, how the WWE has continually ripped off his family, to the twofaced brother duo who blackballed him and his father from succeeding in the WWF. You have really got to hear this and listen to one of the unsung heroes of the wrestling world tell his story for the first time on the Wrestling Hotseat. You can find out more about Chaz and the superstars of WOW Texas and NWA Southwest at

You can download the interviews individually by clicking on the appropriate links OR you can listen to the entire 2 hour broadcast in our streaming flash player at

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