Matt Hardy, Kizarny, Lesnar/UFC

Wayne Smith sent this in: I was watching Smackdown this past Friday and it advertised a RAW/ECW house show with Matt Hardy scheduled to appear. I don’t know how this affects his heel turn since he’s on Smackdown now and not ECW. The house show is to take place on Sunday Feburary 22nd in Asheville, NC.

Rocky Jr. sent this in: I just read your report ( stating that Kizarny’s profile has been removed from the Smackdown roster page. I decided to check and it is back as I wrote (0:40 AM in France GMT-1 so 18:40 in the US I think).

Rob sent this in: Hello, I found some cool videos of the upcoming UFC 2009 Undisputed video game and thought they are worth sharing. The videos feature BJ Penn, Georges St-Pierre, Brock Lesnar, Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson and Michael Bisping at: