Kevin sent this in: I was on and they’ve made a few changes to the site, including hiring Maffew from Botchamania. They now have a link up at with all his recent Botchamania vids.

Mike Trash sent this in: Francine, Tank Abbott, Mike Orlando, Marvin Ward 2/3/ TTRS

Last Show we had on the Ken Shamrock, Nick Patrick & Christopher Daniels. Check them out in the archives.
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The Queen of extreme returns to the show. She will talk about the history of ECW as well as the current state of events. She will also talk about the upcoming Staten Island Super Sign.
Tank Abbot

He was a monster and one of the early pioneers of MMA as he was feared. His punches are second to none and his love of fighting is just another weekend in a bar. He is back and ready to fight again. This week we talk to the powerhouse.
Mike Orlando

Musician extrodinaire coming to the show to share his love and desires. We will talk about his CD “Sonic Stomp” among the many other projects he is currently working on.
Marvin Ward

He is a successful promoter in the Virginia Area and is looking to bring TNA talent to the Area. This week we talk about how he is now working closely with Dave Hebner and brings some great talent to a great promotion.


Dave Hebner


Daniel Puder


Michael J Fox Media Event Coverage with Brim



Gino Caruso

Noel Harlow