Rocky Jr sent this in: A little note from the last Impact: I searched when the LAX vs. Beer Money, Inc. World Tag Team title match shown on New Year’s Eve Impact was taped and I found (I looked at the crowd ^^) it was taped the November 25, 2008. I checked back in the spoilers on the site ( and it was already mentioned but I thought it could be interesting to let all clearly know it, now that the match has aired.

Mase sent this in: Just thought I’d pass along an update of a small part that Randy Savage plays in the Disney Pixar Movie Bolt. He voices a thug that appears in the movie (first appearance at about the 5 minute 30second mark of the film). Also a side note, he is still listed on IMDB as a character in the “Legends of Wrestlemania” game. But seeing as IMDB can get some things wrong due to fans sending in information, I wouldn’t put too much stock into the listing.

The Big Mosh of Monday Night Mayhem passed this along:

To our Old Time Wrestling fans,

On behalf of the entire Old Time Wrestling staff, in and out of the ring, we would like to thank all of our loyal fans for a fantastic 2008. If it wasn’t for you, the fans, we would have never reached the goals we did this year. And a special thanks goes out to those who we see week after week. We know that the economic climate is not the greatest and we appreciate you spending your hard earned money with us every Saturday afternoon. With your support and loyalty, we will strive to make 2009 even better then 2008.

With all of that said, you will see big changes very soon with Old Time Wrestling. Starting with how to watch OTW on line. New technical changes will make it easier and more economical for all of our fans. More , as they say in technical terms, content will be available on our website. Profiles, matches, and interviews are just a few of the additions you will be seeing soon. Also, more merchandise will be added. In the past, you could only purchase our DVDs at live OTW events, soon you will be able to purchase them more conveniently online. And new OTW shirts will be available soon.

Recently, we have experimented with running live events on Saturday nights. As you may know, in the past we have run only Saturday afternoon events. Thanks to you, our fans, the few Saturday night events have been just as successful. Now we will be running on a more regular basis, Saturday night events along side of our weekly Saturday afternoon events. We will be kicking off our first Saturday night with the return of the second annual battle bowl. BATTLE BOWL 2009 will take place on Saturday January 31st, 2009 at 7:pm. For those of you who are new to Old Time Wrestling, here is what Battle Bowl is all about. In one event, all belts, the OTW heavyweight, the OTW jr. heavyweight, and the OTW tag team championship, will be on the line. The opponents will be determined by 3 different battle royals for each Championship. The winner of each battle royal will continue on to a championship match for that title later on the card. Here is a quick schedule for the month of January 2009 to help you keep up with Old Time Wrestling.

OTW January Schedule:
January 3rd -2pm bell time
January 10th – 2pm bell time
January 17th – 2pm bell time
January 24th – 2pm bell time
January 31st – 2pm bell time
January 31st – 7pm belltime – BATTLE BOWL 2009

And don’t forget to schedule your WRESTLING BIRTHDAY PARTY with us. Times are limited and filling up fast. Kids of all ages are having a great time at the parties. To schedule your party now, call us at 856-933-0500.

As always, all Old Time Wrestling events are at The Monster Factory. The Monster Factory is located at 130A Harding Ave, Bellmawr, NJ. (just minutes from Philadelphia). And all tickets are just $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children 12 and under. And on those special weeks where there are two events on the same
day, we are offering a special discounted ticket that can ONLY be purchased in advance. For more information, call us at 856-933-0500, or check us out on the web at .

Once again I can not thank our, fans, friends, and family for all of their support in 2008 and with all of their help, 2009 will help us reach even more wrestling fans world wide.