Matt O’Brien maintains the Poll

In a recent Wrestleview poll asking who is most likely to dethrone AJ Styles as TNA Champion, the results are as follows.

Who is most likely to dethrone AJ Styles as TNA Champion?

Rob Van Dam 41% (805 votes)
Jeff Hardy 20% (386 votes)
Hulk Hogan 13% (250 votes)
D’Angelo Dinero 9% (182 votes)
Other 7% (137 votes)
Abyss 5% (91 votes)
Jeff Jarrett 5% (97 votes)

Total Votes: 1,948

Van Dam and Hardy quickly jumped ahead of the pack when voting began. On an interesting note, in the hours after Lockdown, Dinero quickly fell to fourth place and Hulk Hogan moved up. Strangely, even though he attained the pinfall in the main event of Lockdown, Abyss actually stayed in near
the bottom of the pack. It should also be noted that around the time Van Dam won the title on Monday night, his votes were at 420…appropriate.