Jake Roberts was interviewed at www.RingTheBellRadio.com and talked about the origin of his gimmick. “I came up with the idea on my own. I was a Ken Stabler fan, he used to play for the Oakland Raiders. He was a wild child on and off of the football field. His nickname was “The Snake”. I always liked the name Jake, and during that time there was a TV show called Dallas. One of the characters on that show was JR. So I came up with Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.” Roberts says he’s currently writing a book and creating some of his own DVDs.

– The Sun at www.the-sun.co.uk/wrestling has small blurb on Snoop Dogg talking WWE. Apparently the D-O double G emails like he verbalizes. He wrote when asked if he would ever wrestle: “Neva say neva… Vince McMahon is my play partna. Holla atcha boy Vinnie –break bread or fake dead.”

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)