Kofi’s got his boom drop ready

– In Europe, Iron Will: The Anthology of WWE’s Toughest Match was the final name given to the new Elimination Chamber DVD. There was a feeling that the word “chamber” had a negative connotation in Europe, especially in Germany, for obvious reasons.

– Today’s Daily Star in the UK has a story on Desmond Wolfe. The interview took place at the Tower of London–the famed tourist attraction and the name of Wolfe’s rope hung cutter. He was promoting the revamped Xplosion show that debuts tonight over there on the Extreme Sports Channel. Wolfe says he used to be envious of young wrestlers in WWE because they got to work with Regal and Finlay, but now he’s working with the likes of Flair and Angle. On transitioning from indy wrestling to national television, he said: “My style was beating the sh*t out of me as well as everyone else so I knew I’d have to change anyway… The fans are absolutely spoiled. To some extent I felt we were the marks. We were the ones going out and killing ourselves but what choice do you have? To move on to the next level, you have to get over in the level you’re in.” (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)