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Monday Night Mayhem DVD Review: “Missy Hyatt’s Pajama Party”
Produced By Kayfabe Commentaries
Written By “Wild” Bill Brown

Content: 8.5
Three wrestling female personalities skimped down in their sleepwear will meet your eyes for almost an hour & a half as Kayfabe Commentaries lets these ladies share their version of fun & games with the wrestling viewers. Hosted by Missy Hyatt, who actually had her questions & games scripted & well-prepared, this unique shoot version of an interview takes you into their bedroom letting you listen to women that hold back no sins and talk about anything. On the front cover it states “Intended for Mature Audiences,” and you better believe that to be the case here. There are plenty of shocking statements & a few surprises, so if you are a fan of women’s wrestling and would like to hear some tell-all moments, then you might find most of this quite interesting.
Audio/Video: 9.0
With a pink curtained background, a pink soft bed, pink pillows, & lots of cleavage leaking out of sexy bedtime outfits, the viewer will indulge in a setting of casualness & comfort that is well shot & easy to listen to in the process. The setting fits perfectly.
What’s On The DVD’s?
Missy Hyatt hosts both Lacey Von Erich & Amy Lee in this new type of interview, with three open personalities having an absolute no holds barred attitude in answering any types of professional & personal questions. While goofy at times, for the most part you are constantly sharing in with totally new stories & an understanding of many others within the wrestling business. Missy really tries throughout the video to ask some in depth questions, in particular to Lacey Von Erich, whom as time has passed on now can be remembered by Missy as Kerry’s little daughter in Texas, while she herself was breaking into the business. Missy has many personal questions from the different era of World Class Championship Wrestling back then & what Lacey remembered from it, and Lacey does not duck not a single question. And of course, there is Amy Lee, who worked with Lacey a bit in the indies over the years, and they share some of their stories about some of the most unique personalities that they have been involved with. Amy is a foul mouth roughneck woman with a tough girl mentality who plays along with everything in a brutally honest manner. Between that, t!t-touching softness, loud belching, fake orgasms, the “truth or dare” game as well as “F, Marry, Kill,” these girls will have you glued as to what the heck they are going to say or do next. And they even have a set list of crank calls that they will dish out individually and have picked as their victims Dawn Marie, Wayne Ferris (The Honky Tonk Man), & Eric Simms. It’s some pretty funny stuff that you may need listen & watch in order to enjoy fully.
The Verdict:
Certainly unique in a variety of different ways, “Missy Hyatt’s Pajama Party” involves a whole different take on listening to girls shoot on the business. It can be a “hit or miss” concept depending on the willingness of any guests, but in this case Missy hosts a tremendous party that never slows down and can have much interest to any wrestling fan. And just to clear those rumors from many of those people who doubt her, Lacey Von Erich is a great guest and not any type of a “ditz” as some may think. Lacey does indeed answer every question thrown at her: thoughtfully, honest, & quite frankly as adulterated as possible. And Amy Lee, if you know her, handles things no holds barred on any topic…so beware!
Overall Recommendation:
Many wrestling fans like good stories from historic personalities in the business that have been though their years of memorable battles. But in this case, if you appreciate the women & their takes on what they have seen and want to hear their own personal stories, then this DVD is another great grab from the guys over at Kayfabe Commentaries. Thumbs up!
Final Thoughts:
Missy Hyatt puts a lot of great efforts into anything that she is involved with, and this is something I could see many more editions of being produced. Missy’s manor in handling this shoot is something unique that many fans I think wouldn’t mind seeing some additional editions of into the forthcoming months/years ahead. If Missy doesn’t have a contract with Kayfabe Commentaries copyrighting this series, then I suggest someone else out there locks her in a deal to produce many more fun editions of “Missy Hyatt’s Pajama Party.”
Overall Rating: 8.8
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