In Wrestleview’s most recent poll asking what is your favorite wrestling event to attend live, the answers are as follows:

Autograph Signing 5% (83 votes)
Hall of Fame Ceremony 5% (85 votes)
House Show 14% (217 votes)
Indy Show 16% (247 votes)
Pay Per View 42% (670 votes)
TV Show 18% (289 votes)

Total votes: 1,591

The event most voted for is a pay per view and really, why not? After all, it is at a pay per view you are likely to see the biggest matches take place and it seems the most happens. When people speak of the most memorable matches of the year, they are often on pay per view. It also seems to bring a sense of pride when a pay per view takes place in someone’s backyard. They can say they had a Wrestlemania in their hometown. Other fans may be proud of the fact they traveled to the show. Every year there are people who travel miles upon miles to make Wrestlemania, and that is not counting other pay per views. Fans can take that show as their own when they attend it live. This is not to say that other event is bad, but there really is nothing like being at a live pay per view.

Coming in at second place is the chance to attend a live TV show. In the early stretches of the voting, TV Show and Indy Show were battling for second place. However, once TV events got the upper hand, Indy never caught up. For many fans, TV is where everything plays out. That is where you see the storylines built and entertaining aspects of the show that you would not normally see on pay per view are played out. Some of your favorite wrestlers may not make the pay per view card each month, so TV is where you are able to catch them.

Indy shows provide fans with a chance to be a part of a smaller crowd and feel more a part of the show than anything you would get with WWE or TNA. Sometimes the best shows are the ones that happen at your local bar with washed up wrestlers from yesteryear. Others prefer Indy shows because they are an alternative to the establishment of wrestling. They offer different styles and wrestlers you don’t get to see on TV and pay per view. It is also a place to see wrestlers on their way up to the top of the industry.

At fourth place was House Shows. What is different about house shows is the chance to see pay per view quality matches on a lesser scale. The wrestlers seem more relaxed and make you feel more at home. Tickets are cheaper and they are always fun to attend. House shows are the closest thing WWE or TNA will come to an Indy show. If you ever want to know what the possible matches for the next pay per view are, just attend a house show and you will likely see them going at it to get a better feel for one another before the big stage comes.

Coming in next was Hal of Fame Ceremony. This is a break from your traditional wrestling show. There is no wrestling at all, but instead a chance to see the wrestlers of the product we all love honor one another. It is a rare glimpse at the stars we only know from the stage of wrestling.

Coming in last by just two votes is Autograph Signing. Again, this is not any type of wrestling event, but instead an opportunity to see the wrestlers in a different light. It is a chance to get up close and personal with them. Based on comments, one reason why this was not a popular choice is because some fans would rather know wrestlers only by what they do in the ring and not outside of it. This is a very interesting way to look at wrestling. After all, the only way most of us know any of these people is by what they do in the ring. Sometimes knowing what they are like outside of the ring can ruin your impression of them.

Thanks to all who participated and be sure to vote in our latest poll asking what is the most intriguing mystery storyline currently in the wrestling world.

Matt O’Brien