Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
Palm Springs, California
July 16, 2010
Commentators: Nigel Sherrod & Lalo Gonzalez
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Lucha Libre has finally invaded mainstream American television with tonight’s premier episode of MTV2 and Lucha Libre USA’s “Masked Warriors”!

The show opens up with a shot of hot women walking down to ringside, one side carrying American flags and the other Mexican flags. We then get the rundown of the card for tonight which will featured a Mixed Tag Team Match pitting Mascarita Dorada & Mini Park against Pequeno Halloween and exotico Chic Chi plus the first match in the Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Title Tournament which will see Marco Corleone go one-on-one for the first time ever against Tinieblas Jr.! We are going to kick off tonight’s show with Trios action!

Captains Fall Trios Match
El Oriental, El Limon, & Neutronic (Captain) vs. The Puerto Rican Powers (PR Flyer & San Juan Kid) & Mascara Purpura (Captain)

El Limon is actually Hijo de Pierroth (the IWRG version) I believe. He flicks off the crowd as he comes out and we are going to have the 6-sided ring tonight. We have 3 very known rudo luchadores on one side against 2 unknowns who are teaming with a young CMLL veteran (Purpura) here. This is my first time seeing The PR Powers. This is Captains Fall which means the only way to win the match is for a team to either pin the Captain of a team or to pin BOTH other members of a team. Purpura and Neutronic will kick this match off. They lockup and Purpura gets the advantage with a Front Chancery and then he transitions into a Snapmare Takeover. Purpura locks Neutronic in a Rear Chinlock but Neutronic reverses it into a wristlock. Purpura reverses right back but Neutronic quickly reverses it again, but then Purpura rolls through and hits an arm drag. They lockup again and this time Neutronic grabs a Waistlock and then hits a Gutwrench Suplex followed by an Elbow Drop. Neutronic grabs Purpura by the arm but Purpura jumps to his feet and then hits a Back Legtrip. Neutronic nips up to his feet and Purpura spins him around and then quickly hits another arm drag. Neutronic follows up with an arm drag of his own! Neutronic taunts the crowd and then attempts a clothesline on Purpura but he ducks and then Purpura attempts to whip Neutronic into the ropes. Neutronic reverses it and Purpura back handsprings off the ropes into a Backsplash! 1…2…NO Neutronic kicks out! Purpura whips Neutronic into the corner and then charges but Neutronic backdrops him over the top rope to the apron. Neutronic goes for a chop but Purpura blocks it and then lights Neutronic up with a chop of his own! Purpura climbs to the top and connects with a 450-Arm Drag! Neutronic rolls out to the floor and Purpura goes for a dive, but Neutornic moves out of the way and Purpura is able to stop himself by back hand-springing off the ropes. El Oriental & Limon now come in and jump Purpura. Oriental and Limon then knock the PR Powers off the apron and remember tags are NOT necessary in Lucha Libre (in one man leaves the ring a teammate can replace him). The rudos put the beatdown on Purpura now. Oriental whips Purpura into the corner and then Oriental and Limon whip Neutronic into a clothesline on Purpura in the corner! Neutronic then whips Purpura into a Double Clothesline from Oriental and Limon. Oriental and Limon whip Purpura into the ropes and then all three rudos kick Purpura out of the ring! The rudos taunt the crowd now as PR Flyer climbs into the ring. Neutronic whips PR Flyer into the ropes and connects with a clothesline. Oriental whips Flyer into the corner and then nails him with a clothesline followed by a clothesline from Neutronic. Limon then comes in with a Flying Back Elbow on Flyer in the corner. Limon follows up with a Vertical Suplex on Flyer and then Oriental flies off the top with a Frog Splash! Neutronic comes off the top with a Splash of his own! The three rudos then kick Flyer out of the ring and taunt the fans some more! San Juan Kid in now and he kicks both Neutronic and Oriental as they turn around. Limon then attacks Kid from behind and the rudos put the beatdown on him now! Oriental and Limon whip Kid into the ropes and then Neutornic and Oriental nail him with a Double Spinebuster. They then treat his like a wishbone! Now all three rudos connect with a Triple Sliding Dropkick to Kid! The rudos once again stand tall in the ring as Kid rolls out to the floor. Purpura back in the ring now and he slaps all three rudos with big chops. The three rudos then jump Purpura and put the beatdown on him! Limon whips Purpura into the ropes but Purpura springboards off the top rope into a Moonsault but Limon ducks underneath it and Purpura lands on his feet. Purpura then rolls backwards into a Wheel Barrow roll on Neutronic and Neutronic holds him up in the air. Oriental & Limon then attempt to clothesline Purpura but he ducks underneath it and they nail Neutronic! Purpura with the Handspring Backsplash on Neutronic again! Neutronic rolls out to the floor as the PR Powers climb to the top! PR Flyer with a Missile Dropkick on Oriental and San Juan Kid with a Flying Cross Body on Limon! Purpura climbs out to the apron and hits an insane Springboard Asai Corkscrew Moonsault onto Neutronic on the floor! In the ring the PR Flyers whip Limon into the ropes and attempt a Double Clothesline but Limon ducks underneath it. Then they nail him with a Double Dropkick as he comes back off the ropes! Limon rolls out to the floor and the PR Powers celebrate in the ring. Oriental comes in and kicks both Puerto Ricans and then dropkicks Flyer’s knees. Limon comes back in and the rudos taunt the tecnicos. Oriental holds the PR Powers as Limon comes off the ropes and goes for a dropkick on them but the PR Powers pull Oriental into it! Kid then lifts Flyer up into the air into a Double Dropkick sending Oriental and Limon out to the floor! The PR Powers hit an inside Double Dive to the outside! Kid with a Tope Con Gilo through the ropes onto Limon and Flyer with a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Oriental! Back in the ring Neutronic and Purpura climb in. Neutronic hits a Vertical Suplex on Purpura and gets a nearfall. Neutronic kicks Purpura into the corner and then he goes for a Corner Splash but Purpura moves out of the way and then charges at Neutronic. Neutronic side steps him and then drop toe holds Purpura into the middle turnbuckle. Neutronic charges again and again Purpura moves out of the way and then he hits a Spinebuster! Purpura climbs to the top and hits a gorgeous Shooting Star Press! 1…2…NO El Limon & El Oriental break up the pin attempt! The PR Powers fly in with Dropkick attempts but Oriental and Limon both move out of the way. Oriental and Limon light up the PR Powers with chops and then they whip them into each other! Oriental & Limon then roll up the PR Powers! 1…2…NO both kick out! Limon hits an Overdrive on Kid and gets another nearfall and then Oriental hits a Northern Lights Suplex on PR Flyer. Oriental and Limon whip the PR Powers into opposite corners. Oriental charges at Flyer but he gets out of the way and then Kid hits a Leaping Enziguri on Limon out of nowhere in the other corner! Flyer grabs Oriental and hits a kind of Flipping Gutwrench Suplex! Both PR Powers climb to the top again! Flyer attempts a Corkscrew 450 Splash and Kid goes for a 450 Splash of his own but both Oriental and Limon move out of the way! Limon hits a Backsplash Senton off the middle rope on Kid and Oriental hits a German Suplex into a bridge! They both pin the PR Powers at the same time, 1…2…3 and it’s over!

Winners: Oriental, Neutronic, & El Limon via pinfall (German Suplex and Backsplash Senton)

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————-

Back from commercials the rudos are still celebrating their win and then replays of the match are shown.

We cut to a promo from RJ Brewer (known as John Walters in ROH and the INDY scene) where he talks about bringing strong moral values to Lucha Libre USA. He claims some of the luchadores are here illegally and he says these people are ruining the sport he loved growing up (professional wrestling) saying that wearing masks is hiding. He says doing backflips is not wrestling.

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————-

Mixed Tag Team Match
Mini Park & Mascarita Dorada vs. Pequeno Halloween & Chi Chi w/Tigressa Caliente

Not much is known about the new mini star, Mini Park, except that he was trained by L.A. Park. Dorada is one of the best known minis in the world right now and one of the best. Pequeno Halloween is also one of the great Minis in the world. Dorada is apart of CMLL currently and Pequeno Halloween was too formerly. Chi Chi is the only known Exotico on the LL-USA roster to my knowledge. You may know Chi Chi as Alan Funk or Kwee Wee back in late WCW. This is a Mixed Tag due to the involvement of both Mini Stars and an Exotico. Chi Chi is accompanied to the ring by the former Rhaka Khan of TNA! Khan is now known as Tigressa Caliente. Halloween and Dorada will start this match off. Halloween shoots in for a lockup but Dorada rolls underneath him. Dorada and Halloween lockup and Halloween gets Dorada in a waistlock. Dorada counters into a Side Headlock and then he transitions into a Front Facelock. Halloween counters into a Hammerlock and then Dorada is able to trip up Halloween. Halloween comes right back and trips Dorada. Dorada grabs Halloween with his legs by the head and hits a Head Scissors Takeover off his back! Dorada hits an Arm Drag and then locks in a Fujiwara Armbar! Halloween rolls over and lifts Dorada all the way up into the air and Dorada counters into another arm drag and keeps the Fujiwara Armbar locked in! Halloween rolls over again and again lifts Dorada up into the air but again Dorada rolls over into an arm drag and holds onto the Fujiwara Armbar. Halloween rolls over until Dorada is on his back and Halloween gets a nearfall out of that. Dorada then hits a Sunset Flip but Halloween rolls through and hits a Sliding Dropkick! Halloween grabs Dorada and whips him into the corner. Halloween charges but Dorada moves out of the way and then hits a Springboard Arm Drag! Dorada shoves Halloween and then quickly climbs to the top and hits a modified Moonsault onto Halloween! Dorada charges at Halloween in the corner but Halloween backdrops him over the top. Dorada lands on his feet and then hits a Springboard Flying Arm Drag that sends Halloween out to the floor! Dorada fakes out a dive to the floor and then tags in Mini Park. Chi Chi comes in to face Park. Park does the original La Parka dances and Chi Chi is having none of it as he (or she or it or whatever) kicks Park. Chi Chi hits a Snapmare Takeover and then he whips Park into the ropes and goes for a clothesline, but Park ducks and then hits a Springboard Arm Drag! Park celebrates and Chi Chi attacks him from behind. Chi Chi throws Park into the corner and goes for a clothesline but Park moves. Chi Chi goes for a kick and Park moves again! Chi Chi goes for another clothesline and again Park moves frustrating Chi Chi. Park hits a Hip Toss that takes Chi Chi’s wig off! Park then hits a dropkick and Chi Chi rolls out to the floor. Halloween sneaks in and goes for a Front Kick but Park catches his foot. Halloween then connects with a Jumping Mule Kick. Chi Chi messes with a fan at ringside as Halloween chops Park in the ring. Halloween whips Park into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop but Park stops and kicks Halloween in the chest. Park taunts again and it costs him again as Halloween nails him with a Lariat as he turned around. Halloween attempts to whip Park into the corner but Park reverses it only to have Halloween reverse it right back and toss Park through the ropes! Park is able to catch himself in the ropes so Halloween tries to clothesline him from behind but Park ducks out of the way causing Halloween to go crashing through the ropes to the floor! Min Park then hits a Sliding Dropkick through the ropes that sends Halloween flying over the guardrail! Park leaves the ring as Chi Chi comes back into the ring. Chi Chi tries to chase after him but eats a Flying Cross Body from Dorada out of nowhere! Dorada then hits the ropes but eats a Big Boot from Chi Chi. Chi Chi grabs Dorada and goes for a Vertical Suplex but Dorada reverses into a Sunset Flip attempt! Chi Chi blocks it and then pulls Dorada up and whips him into the ropes. Dorada comes flying off the ropes into a Wheel Barrow into a DDT! Dorada follows up with a dropkick that sends Chi Chi out to the floor! Dorada sets up for a dive but Halloween comes out of nowhere with a Running Mafia Kick! Halloween whips Dorada into the corner and Dorada springs up to the top and into a Diving Headbutt off the top just like that! Dorada chops Halloween and then hits a leg kick. Dorada attempts to whip Halloween into the ropes but Halloween reverses it only to have Dorada hit the move he his best known for! The Spinning Satellite Headscissors Takeover! Halloween rolls out to the floor and Dorada follows up with a Springboard Asai Moonsault off the top onto Halloween on the floor! Chi Chi jumps Park in the ring and whips him into the ropes. Chi Chi goes for a clothesline but Park ducks and then hits a Hurricanrana sending Chi Chi out to the floor! Park gets ready for a dive now but Tigressa comes in and crotches Park on the top rope as Chi Chi distracts the referee! Tigressa then Powerbombs Park off the top! Chi Chi slides back in and covers Park for the pin!

Winners: Chi Chi & Pequeno Halloween via pinfall (Super Bomb)

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK————————-

Back from commercials replays from the previous match are shown. They actually count all the revolutions that Dorada did with the Spinning Satellite Head Scissors (he did 6 full revolutions).

We cut to a promo hyping up the “International Man of Luxury” Lujo Esquire where a masked man sits around a pool with some gorgeous women. I can’t tell if that’s a new wrestler or someone know with a mask.

In the back Marco Corleone does pushups while his fat valet, Solid, eats candy bars. Tinieblas Jr. then walks in with Neutronic and cuts a promo on Marco in Spanish (with English subtitles). He says his mask is famous in Mexico and the U.S. and he will show Marco why he is THE man and he will win the Title. Neutronic reiterates that point. Marco then cuts a promo on him in Spanish himself! Marco says he know Tinieblas and his father but tonight he will be his daddy! They get in each others faces and then Tineblas says they’ll finish this in the ring.

Main Event
Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
Marco Corleone w/Solid vs. Tinieblas Jr. w/Neutronic

You may know Marco Corleone as Mark Jindrak from his days in WCW and the WWE, but Mexico is where Marco has found his most success and where he has gotten worlds better in the ring. Marco has wrestled lengthy runs in both CMLL and AAA before moving on to help head Lucha Libre USA. Tinieblas Jr. is the son of the legendary original Tinieblas and has wrestled all over the world. This a unique matchup between two extremely tall (for Lucha Libre) wrestlers with Marco standing at 6’6″ and Tinieblas Jr. standing at 6’4″. Marco and Tinieblas circle each other and then Tinieblas kicks Marco in the gut. Tinieblas hits an arm drag and holds onto the wristlock instead of letting go and then arm drags Marco again. Tinieblas stares down Marco and Marco nails him with a big left hand out of nowhere. Marco then attempts to whip Tinieblas into the corner but Tinieblas reverses it and Marco springs to the top and hits a Flying Clothesline off the top out of nowhere! 1…2…NO Tinieblas kicks out. Marco hits the ropes but eats a dropkick to the knees from Tinieblas. Tinibleas then grabs Marco and locks him in an Abdominal Stretch. Marco fights the hold and reverses it into a rollup! 1…2…NO Tinieblas kicks out again! Tinieblas gets to his feet and nails Marco with a chop and then Marco answers with a big right! They continue to exchange shots until Marco kicks Tinieblas in the gut. Marco then hits the ropes but Neutronic hits him from the outside as Tinieblas distracts the referee. Neutronic then gets in the ring and puts the boots to Marco before the referee turns back around. Tinieblas and Neutronic chokes Marco on the top rope as the referee is distracted by Solid now. Tinieblas throws Marco into the top turnbuckle and then he slaps him in the face. Marco answers back with a series of right hands and then he hits the ropes, but Tinieblas levels him with Bicycle Kick! Tinieblas taunts the crowd and then hits a Snapmare Takeover followed by a Running Knee to the face of a seated Marco. Tinieblas picks Marco up and hits a Firemans Carry Slam and then climbs to the top. Tinieblas hits a Diving Splash! 1…2…NO Marco kicks out! Tinieblas tosses Marco in the corner and he lights Marco up with chops until Marco answers with the left hand out of nowhere! Marco goes for a clothesline but Tinieblas ducks and hits the Drop of Darkness (Reverse X-Factor)! 1…2…NO Marco kicks out! Tinieblas whips Marco into the corner and then charges but Marco gets his boot up and then he goes to charge at Tinieblas, but Neutronic grabs his foot from the outside! Solid then jumps Neutronic on the outside as Marco nails Tinieblas in the ring. Marco tosses Tinieblas to the outside and then he hits the Air Corleone (Diving Plancha) over the top onto Tinieblas and Neutronic on the floor! Marco tosses Tinieblas back into the ring and then as he starts to climb back in Neutronic grabs his leg again! Solid then attacks Neutronic again and tosses him into the guardrail! Tinieblas chops Marco and whips him into the corner. Tinieblas charges but Marco ducks out of the way and then rolls him up! 1…2…3 and Marco gets the win to advance to the Semifinals!

Winner: Corleone via pinfall (rollup)

After the match Marco doesn’t get long to celebrate as Lizmark Jr. comes out of nowhere with a Superkick on Marco! Lizmark’s buddy Sydistiko then attacks Solid from behind. Lizmark and Tinieblas shake hands in the ring over the fallen Marco and then Sydistiko gets in Marco’s face.

The commentators announce that the Tag Team Titles Tournament will start next week as well the continuation of the Heavyweight Title Tournament!

Final Thoughts

Tonight was a really fun debut episode of Masked Warriors. I think there was enough to get first time viewers to tune in next week, but I definitely think they need to do a better job of giving background on guys. Some types of video packages or backstage promos or something to get us emotionally invested and to get the new fans involved. Guys like Mascarita Dorada can do their talking in the ring but people should be given a reason to care about most of the guys.

The opening contest was great and it gave us a nice mix of veterans and young stars. Mascara Purpura was the obvious star in the match but everybody did well. Oriental looked great and this was obviously taped well before he lost his mask this past weekend. Should be interesting to see if they let him continue to wrestle under the mask going forward (which of course they can since Lizmark Jr. lost his mask many years ago). It was a great opener and I’m sure the new fans were pretty impressed. Classic Rudo action from the rudos and the PR Powers looked impressive while they were in.

Mascarita Dorada and Pequeno Halloween were the usual awesome selves and Mini Park looked good the little he was in. Dorada could really end up being a big star to American fans. His moves are just so crowd pleasing and he hits them with such ease. Chi Chi I could do without, I’ve never been a fan of the Exoticos but it’s a big part of Lucha Libre.

Tinieblas Jr. and Marco had a decent little heavyweight style match that really showcased Marco’s great athleticism pretty well. Solid is beyond useless. I liked the allegiance between Tinieblas, Neutronic, Lizmark Jr., and Sydistiko (he looks like a masked Jack Evans for some reason to me). A good rudo faction would be great to kick off this new promotion.

Overall I think they really played well into the traditions of Lucha Libre and I think this definitely has potential. Hopefully the ratings do well because this is so much better than WSX it’s not even funny.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Marco and Tinieblas face off
Match of the Night: Captains Fall Trios (***)
Overall Grade: B +

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Title Tournament continues
– Lucha Libre USA Tag Team Title Tournament begins