News on Randy Orton, Daniels, former TNA star

– As of this post, Randy Orton is the top trending topic on Twitter.

– From Thor Odinson: Christopher Daniels will be on tomorrow at 3PM Central time to discuss his status with TNA and to plug his upcoming appearance at the Comic Con in San Diego.

– Former TNA personality Goldylocks sent out:

Thank you to EVERYONE who came out to the Ted Nugent concert and came to see us the following night. 3200 people came through the door and we felt each and every one of you. For those who did not make it, we will be sharing the stage with Pat Benetar in August. Please come and get your face rocked off!

Stay tuned for new music! We are very excited to share it with you!

Below are a few links.

Knocking On Heaven’s Door


Knockin On Heaven’s Door Full Crowd

If you would be so kind to watch at least the first one. It is a clip of Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door. I dedicated to a very good friend who is loosing his father. It’s got me feeling really bad. If you could just watch, and leave an uplifting or kind comment. Something that if my friend saw would provide some comfort. I just wanted to try & offer some support in the only way a rocker knows how, and that’s by calling upon her friends. You all give me so much when I am on stage. The power of positive thinking, kindness and support has gone a long way for me.

Peace to all of you.

Love Goldy