Interviews with Mickey Whipwreck, Howard Finkel

from Arda Ocal:

First, Mikey Whipwreck talks about whether or not he will end up as a trainer for the WWE – they contacted him, he said he’d think about it, but he’s leaning towards no. Full interview: (talks about taking a WWE trainer position at 13:35)

WWE Hall of Famer Howard Finkel was a guest On Right After Wrestling tonight. Newsworthy notes:

– What did Vince McMahon tell The Fink in his pep talk before making WWF a national company?

– Howard’s current role in the company as well as the various roles he assumed in the past as well as ring announcing

– His top three most memorable moments in WWE History

– His thoughts on the current Diva’s division in WWE

– Does he still own the “Finkus Maximus” Toga from Wrestlemania 9

– Which two superstars he sees carrying the company in the future

– How long he sees the NEXUS angle lasting

– When will Howard Finkel retire

Show Podcast (Finkel interview starts at 24:39):

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