– From Adam Tuner: Dean Malenko has been added to the WWE Alumni page

Mick Foley talks about his stand up comedy show and how difficult he’s found it to draw wrestling fans to that world. “It’s a bit tough to get the [wrestling] fans out. I was at a Trenton Thunder baseball game and there was a two hour line to get an autograph but it’s a struggle to get them out to a comedy club. They have a hard time wanting to spend money on something unknown.”

– Michael McGillicutty and Kaval won the Florida Championship Wrestling tag titles over Los Aviadores (Hunico and Epico) at the television tapings in Tampa last week. Apparently the finish was botched as Hunico mistimed his kick out and referee Rod Silva had no choice but to count three. The timekeeper wasn’t ready to ring the bell and the look on the faces of everyone told the story. They switched the titles back at a house show the next night in Sebring so the title change may end up on the cutting room floor. (credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)