Poll results: What is the most intriguing storyline?

Matt O’Brien writes and maintains the Wrestleview.com Poll

In a recent poll on Wrestleview.com asking: What is currently wrestling’s most intriguing mystery storyline? Based on 3,901 votes the results are as follows:

Raw’s anonymous GM 41% (1,605 votes)
Who attacked the Undertaker? 23% (901 votes)
TNAs they-them 25% (987 votes)
Other 10% (408 votes)

Total votes: 3,901

Mystery has always been a popular theme in wrestling. The suspense that builds over weeks and months culminating in a shocking revelation involves some of the biggest storylines in the industry. Some have been flops (The Black Scorpion, the Higher Power) and some have been great successes (Hulk Hogan as the “third man”). Mystery has been running rampant in the wrestling world lately which is why this question was asked of wrestleview readers. Out of the top mysteries, we wanted to know which of these are working, which aren’t, and what they liked the most.

Who Attacked the Undertaker?
Numerous angles have been done with Undertaker being injured or “killed” in some way, but the idea of taking this intangible character, a dead man, and putting him in a hospital gives WWE a chance add a refreshing dimension to the Undertaker character not seen since the American Badass days. Kane’s rampage for the attacker has been complicated by his recent win over Rey Mysterio for the World Championship. Many believe that in the end Kane will indeed be the attacker after all. This brings up the most intriguing part of wrestling mysteries: the motive. Aside from learning just who is behind something the actual reason they did the deed is the ultimate gift.

TNA’s “They/Them”
What now appears to be the ECW alumni’s arrival, TNA has been pushing the idea of a mystery group coming in for a number of weeks. Of the three mysteries posted on the poll, this choice received the second most number of votes coming in at 25%. Reaction the ECW alum has been mixed. Some see it as a sad attempt to relive the glory days a dead promotion while other feel it is one more shot for a group of wrestlers they felt gave their al and revolutionized the business to show why they had the support they did.

Raw’s Anonymous GM
For several weeks fans have been annoyed by an email alert that has been the only type of entrance music for the new Raw General Manager. It has been eight years since Vince McMahon first introduced the GM concept. The very announcement of who has assumed the role have ranged from shocking (Eric Bischoff) to underwhelming (Mike Adamle), but it has always played a significant part of the show. Since the late 1990s, authority figures to announce on-the-spot matches have been a weekly feature on TV. The GM role served to relieve Vince McMahon of that role when the brand extension began. After running through nearly every possible name in the book and numerous celebrity hosts, Raw now has settled on a safe GM. The advantage to a safe mystery GM is that doesn’t disappoint and every week the suspense builds as to who this individual is and what their motives are.

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Matt O’Brien