Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors
Springfield, Massachusetts
July 30, 2010
Commentators: Nigel Sherrod & Lalo Gonzalez
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

The third week of “Masked Warriors” kicks off with RJ Brewer talking to someone on his cell phone outside on the street. It’s his mother and he’s talking to her about getting the ring changed to a four-sided ring with some kind of legal reasons.

We cut to the arena where the crowd is screaming. They reveal a big Trios Match for tonight pitting the tecnico team of Mascara Purpura, Super Nova, and Octagoncito against the rudos team of Pequeno Halloween, Sydistiko, & Lizmark Jr. as well as another Heavyweight Title Tournament Match where Charly Malice goes one-on-one with RelliK! Also, Rebecca Reyes will be making an announcement.

RJ Brewer comes out to the ring now and we are, in fact, in the four-sided ring tonight. Brewer introduces himself to the crowd and claims he’s been forced under Lucha Rules and that ends tonight. He says he’s standing in an American ring which means he’s standing in an American ring. He says his mom has been able to put a temporary ban on the 6-sided ring and he plans to make that ban permanent. Brewer says he’s sending a message to the lockerroom and says for the translators in the back to translate it to the Mexicans. He says soon this company is just going to be called USA, he says no more masks or backflips just pure American wrestling. Brewer says he knows Magno is in the back and he says it’s only a matter of time before he gets Magno in the ring again and embarrasses him. He says not tonight because he wants Magno to go back to Phoenix and do what he does best and cut Brewer’s grass! Magno walks straight out to the ring!

As Magno gets in the ring Brewer puts to boots to him but Magno comes back with strikes and leg kicks. Magno then hits a headbutt until El Oriental and Neutronic run out to help Brewer (yeah that makes absolutely no sense, I know). Tinieblas Jr. is right behind them. Lujo Esquire and the PR Powers run out to help Magno! Now Sydistiko and Pequeno Halloween run out and we have a huge brawl! Octagoncito, Purpura, and Dorada are out now as well. Everyone is going at it in the ring. Lizmark Jr. and RelliK are out now as well and finally Marco Corleone comes out. Marco dives off the stage with the Air Corleone Plancha onto Tinieblas and a couple of more luchadores I couldn’t tell who were! Marco grabs Lizmark and tosses him into the guardrail and everybody is spilling out to the floor. Malice is out there now too and then Tigresa and Chi Chi walk out and watch as some of the luchadores are making it to the back now.

We cut to a replay of Tigresa’s attack on Mini Park last week. We then cut back to the ring where it’s cleared out and now Tigresa and Chi Chi are in. Mini Park walks out with Rebecca Reyes now. That is one gorgeous woman.

Rebecca says she has a note that Park wants her to read. It says the Lucha Libre USA commission has been informed of Tigresa’s attack on Park last week and based on that and her actions directed toward him two weeks ago as well, LL-USA is sanctioning a match that will feature Tigresa Caliente & Chi Chi against Mini Park and a partner of his choosing later tonight. She says if they fail to appear in this match severe action will be taken. Tigresa snatches the letter from Rebecca and she and Chi Chi read over it. Tigresa shoves Park and then Park bails out before they can attack him. Park then taunts them with his La Parka dance.

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Trios Captains Match
Mascara Purpura, Super Nova, & Octagoncito (Captain) vs. Sydistiko, Lizmark Jr., & Pequeno Halloween (Captain)

This looks like a very promising Trios Match here! Sydistiko and Octagoncito are going to start this one on. Okay, I’m really getting annoyed with the commentators, they reveal the rudo group has a name now and it’s Treachery, but he says in such a way that it was like it’s common knowledge. Sydistiko gets on his knees to mock Octagon but Octagon makes him pay by slapping the taste out of his zipper covered mouth! Sydistiko then goes for a clothesline but Octagon ducks and then comes off the ropes with a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover! Octagon then slides out of the ring and Purpura springboards off the rope as Sydistiko puts the brakes on so Purpura doesn’t nail him. Sydistiko and Purpura lockup and then Sydistiko gets a waistlock and then he hits a Gutwrench Suplex. Sydistiko then puts the boots to Purpura and then he starts pulling on Purpura’s mask. Sydistiko then puts Purpura in the corner and puts the boots to him again. Sydistiko with a big chop and then Purpura comes back with a big chop of his own. Sydistiko whips Purpura into the ropes but Purpura springboards off the top with a Moonsault! Sydistiko moves out of the way and Purpura lands on his feet. Sydistiko goes for a clothesline but Purpura ducks and then Sydistiko goes for a Monkey Flip but Purpura catches him and places him on the top rope (not in the corner). Purpura then makes Sydistiko straddle the top rope and chops away at him! Purpura then comes off the ropes and hits a Rolling Enziguri that sends Sydistiko out to the floor! Purpura then looks like he’s going for a dive but he back handsprings off the ropes and poses to the crowd. Pequeno Halloween comes in and Octagoncito tags back in. Octagon goes for a running dropkick but Halloween sidesteps it and then comes off the ropes and hits a Sliding Dropkick to the side of Octagon’s head! Halloween chops Octagon and then he attempts to whip Octagon into the corner but Octagon reverses it and charges, but Halloween backdrops Octagon over the top rope. Octagon lands on the apron and slaps Halloween in the back of the head. Octagon then climbs up top and dives off with a Diving Hurricanrana! Halloween then gets up and charges at Octagon but eats an armdrag! Octagon then follows up with a Spinning Head Scissors Takeover that sends Halloween out to the floor! Octagon climbs on the apron and then dives off with a Diving Hurricanrana off the apron on Halloween on the floor! Back in the ring Lizmark and Super Nova are in. They tease a lockup but then Nova hits the ropes and Lizmark drops down but Nova leaps over him. Nova with a back handspring off the ropes into a backflip but Lizmark sidesteps him. Lizmark goes for a clothesline but Nova ducks and then Nova nails Lizmark with a hurricanrana. Nova follows up with a spinning heel kick attempt but Lizmark catches him in mid-move and then slams Nova to the mat. Lizmark puts the boots to Nova and then climbs up top but Nova dropkicks Lizmark off the top all the way down to the floor! Nova now goes for a dive but Lizmark moves and Nova is able to catch himself before he dives. Nova then springs over the top rope to the apron and gets ready for a springboard move but Lizmark grabs him by the legs and pulls him down hard into the apron. Halloween in the ring now and Halloween dives through the ropes with a Tope Suicida onto Nova! In the ring Sydistiko drags Purpura in and throws him into the corner. Octagon then hits Sydistiko from behind as we see Halloween beating on Nova on the outside. Sydistiko hits a big Scoop Slam on Octagon while Halloween chops Nova on the floor. Lizmark kicks Purpura in the balls and the rudo referee acts like he didn’t see it. Sydistiko pulls on Octagon’s mask and then Lizmark lifts Purpura up on his shoulders. Lizmark drops Purpura in the corner with Snake Eyes! Lizmark then kicks Purpura in the nuts again as Sydistiko hits a Leg Drop on Octagon. Halloween climbs into the ring and starts biting Purpura’s hand! Nova climbs back into the ring but the tecnicos beat on him as he enters. Lizmark chokes Nova in the corner and then Halloween grabs Octagon and chops him on the back. The rudos are taunting the crowd and Halloween goes for an insane Reverse 450-Splash (where he actually lands on his back, sick move and does the move while facing the crowd instead of facing the opponent) but Octagoncito moves! Octagon then dropkicks Halloween sending him out to the floor and then Octagoncito hits the Tope Congiro (somersault plancha through the ropes) onto Halloween on the floor as Lizmark & Sydistiko looked on! Back in the ring Purpura lifts Nova up into the air and Nova hits a dropkick on Sydistiko but Lizmark was able to move out of the way. Purpura follows up with a big Somersault Plancha over the top rope onto Sydistiko on the floor! Lizmark goes for a clothesline on Nova but Nova ducks and then goes for a Cross Body, but Lizmark catches him in midair. He goes for a slam but Nova blocks it only to eat a Superkick from Lizmark! Nova rolls out to the floor and then Lizmark taunts the crowd but turns around as Octagon dives off the top! Lizmark catches him in midair and hits the Marked For Death (Spinning Sidewalk Slam)! 1…2…3 and the rudos get the win!

Winners: Sydistiko, Lizmark Jr., & Pequeno Halloween via pinfall (Marked For Death)

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Back from commercials they show replays of the previous match.

We then cut to a eerie voice saying that we are about to hear a message from the “Lord of Shadows” Tinieblas Jr. as a graphic with his name shows on the screen. We cut to Tinieblas Jr. and El Oriental trying to work the camera. They say they will destroy their foes and make Marco and Lujo their slaves. Oriental tells Tinieblas to go after Marco and he will go after Lujo. Did Oriental just channel DJ Khaled? I almost through my remote at the tv. He said, “Dude, WE THE BEST!” I hate you DJ Khaled. Oriental says as partners they’ll destroy Lujo and Marco and then Tinieblas says they will be the Tag Champs (so that means they’re in the tournament?). oriental says they are the best in LL-USA.

We cut to Octagoncito’s locker room and Tigresa and Chi Chi barge in. Tigresa actually calls Octagoncito “my ninja” (really? I mean really?) and then asks if he’s the one teaming with Park tonight. Octagon shakes his head and then Chi Chi says he likes the strong silent type. Tigresa says he better not be Park’s partner tonight because if he is she will take him out.

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

LL-USA Heavyweight Championship Tournament Quarterfinals
Charly Malice vs. RelliK

So apparently RelliK is the third member of Treachery. That group could actually be pretty interesting. RelliK and Malice lockup and RelliK quickly uses his strength to push Malice back into the corner. RelliK then lets him go only to go for a clothesline but Malice moves out of the way. The commentators confirm that we will see Lujo & Marco against Oriental & Tinieblas in the Tag Team Tournament next week. RelliK goes after Malice again with a clothesline but again Malice ducks it as he’s trying to frustrate the big man. RelliK goes for yet a third clothesline and yet again Malice ducks it. This time Malice hits the ropes but eats a shoulder block from RelliK. Malice hits the ropes again and RelliK goes for a Big Boot but Malice ducks it and then hits a dropkick to RelliK’s knees. RelliK’s gets right up and goes for a Back Suplex but Malice lands on his feet and then hits the ropes and goes for a Wheelbarrow Move, but RelliK blocks it and hit’s Malice with a nasty Ocean Cyclone Suplex! RelliK nails Malice with a crossface and then he bites Malice’s forehead! RelliK puts the boots to Malice in the corner as the commentators talk about all the metal plates Malice has in his body due to numerous surgeries (true story). RelliK whips Malice into the opposite corner and then charges but Malice hit’s a back elbow and then he gets a boot up as RelliK charged in again. Malice then charges at RelliK but RelliK grabs him and tosses him clear across the ring! RelliK picks Malice up and then tosses him out to the floor. RelliK follows and then goes over to the announce table and bites Malice’s head in front of the commentators! RelliK tosses Malice back into the ring and then hits a Slingshot Leg Drop! 1…2…NO Malice kicks out! RelliK whips Malice into the corner and charges again and Malice gets his boots up. Malice with a big right hand and then a second big right. Malice climbs up top and hits a Flying Clothesline! Malice puts the boots to RelliK and then argues with the referee as he tried to pull Malice off. Malice turns around and RelliK spits the red mist into Malice’s face! The referee calls for the bell and Malice gets the DQ win!

Winner: Malice via DQ

After the match RelliK goes nuts and tosses the referee out of the ring and then continues to beat on Malice. Super Nova runs out and climbs to the top rope. RelliK turns around and hits the Missile Dropkick as the announcers reveal that it’s obvious that it was RelliK who attacked Nova last week (since he’s the 3rd member of Treachery).

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Back from commercials Nova is helping Malice up in the ring. In one of the coolest moments in wrestling RelliK walks over to a kid in the crowd who is covering his face. RelliK waits there and when the kid opens his eyes he scares the holy sh*t out of the kid. I mean he seriously started crying! Pure awesomeness.

We cut to Lujo in his locker room and then Tigresa walks in and asks if he’s teaming with Park. Lujo says he’s in the middle of a business proposal but she doesn’t care. Lujo says he has dinner reservations after this so it’s not him. Tigresa says it better not be Lujo or he’ll be the one to pay (you know since he’s rich). I just realized that Lujo’s mask is Gucci or something.

At the announce table they hype up the big Tag Match for next week pitting Lujo & Marco against Tinieblas & Oriental. Rebecca has joined them and she goes with Marco and Lujo in the match while Lalo obviously picks the tecnicos. The Mixed Tag is next.

——————–COMMERCIAL BREAK———————–

Mixed Tag Team Match
Chi Chi & Tigresa Caliente vs. Mini Park & Amazing Kong

They are claiming Mini Park is the nephew of L.A. Park (don’t know that to be true). Before Park’s partner comes out Chi Chi and Tigresa try to clothesline Park but he ducks it and rolls outside. Park then hides under the ring and Chi Chi waits for him to come back out as Tigresa waits on the other side. Out of nowhere Park comes up from behind Chi Chi (he climbed out on one of the other sides) and then he taunts Chi Chi and Chi has a hold of somebody under the ring. He looks down and then gets scared as hell as it’s revealed to be AWESOME KONG! That’s right the former TNA Knockouts Champion and widely considered by many to be the best female wrestler in America! She’s back to being known as Amazing Kong. Kong nails Chi Chi and then she slaps hands with Park and the fans go nuts for her. Tigresa can’t believe it and neither can Chi Chi. Those two have met in TNA I believe. Chi Chi is going to start off with Kong. He bends over but then rolls out of the ring and acts like he had a wardrobe malfunction. Tigresa comes in and Kong dares her to come forward. They lockup and Tigresa grabs Kong’s dreads. She shoves Kong into the corner and then she chops Kong. Tigresa gets in Kong’s face and Kong shoves her clear across the ring! Kong goes over and shoves Chi Chi in the face and then grabs Tigresa but Chi Chi pokes Kong in the eyes. Chi Chi jumps on Kong’s back and locks her in a Sleeper. Kong backs into the corner slamming Chi Chi into the turnbuckles. Park tags in and Kong and Park beat on Chi Chi. Park and Kong whip Chi Chi into the ropes and Kong hits the Chest Bump! Park puts the boots to Chi Chi and then knocks his wig off! Park hits a leg kick and then attempts to whip Chi Chi into the ropes, but he reverses it. Chi Chi goes for a clothesline but Park ducks and then hits a hurricanrana! Park goes to pick Chi Chi up and Chi Chi grabs his tights and slams him into the turnbuckles. Tigresa tags in and knocks Kong off the apron and then puts the boots to Park. Tigresa and Chi Chi double team on Park and then Chi Chi hits a Backbreaker on Park. Chi Chi whips Park into the corner and then gets a nearfall. Chi Chi follows up with a Snapmare Takeover and then he stretches Park. Park gets to his feet and fights it off but Chi Chi hits a nice Northern Lights Suplex into a bridge. 1…2…NO Park kicks out. Apparently Chi Chi calls that move the Flashing Lights Suplex. Chi Chi whips Park into the ropes and then lifts Park up and into the air but Park nails Tigresa with a dropkick as he went into the air! Park then drop toe holds a charging Chi Chi into the corner! Park tags in Kong! Kong ducks a clothesline from Tigresa and nails her with one of her own! Kong then lays Chi Chi out with a clothesline. Kong hits Tigresa with a scoop slam and then hits a Splash on Chi Chi in the corner! Kong blocks a Hook Kick from Tigresa and then nails her with the Spinning Back Fist! Park climbs up top as Kong hits a Chokeslam on Chi Chi! 1…2…NO Tigresa breaks it up! Park dives off the top with a Missile Dropkick on Tigresa! Tigresa rolls out to the floor and then Park hits a Plancha over the top onto Tigresa on the floor! In the ring Kong hits the Amazing Bomb! 1…2…3 and they get the win!

Winners: Kong & Park via pinfall (Amazing Bomb)

Final Thoughts

God, I hate LL-USA’s announcers! No offense to those guys but they are bad. I know they’re trying hard but man it makes ROH’s Mike Hogewood look like Jim Ross. The Lalo guy is trying so hard to be a rudo announcer that it just comes off forced and the other guy is super corny. They just blow through stuff that should be more of a big deal. Last week they reveal Sydistiko’s name like it wasn’t anything we should’ve been wandering and then do the same again this week with the Treachery group.

Anyway the show was much better this week than last. We had some fun action and a nice surprise.

The opening brawl was actually pretty entertaining but the subsequent promo with Tigresa and Reyes was bad. All the following vignettes were bad too but at least they gave us some hype for the Main Event.

The opening Trio was extremely fun and all the guys worked hard. I love the idea of the Treachery group and I really like the name as well. I just hope they can smooth things over with TJP to keep him under the Sydistiko mask because I don’t think anybody else will be able to pull it off like him (very few have his athleticism that’s for sure).

I also like the two tag teams announced. Lujo & Marco are an athletic big-man team and Oriental & Tinieblas is a nice rudo tag team. Hopefully some of these teams will stick and actually get names. They really have got to announce the names for these tournaments. I know they are trying to put over that you never know who will face who but giving us something to look forward to can go along way.

RelliK-Malice was okay while it lasted. The little thing where RelliK horrified the kid was better than the match itself though. They’re putting a lot into a guy that I don’t know who long will remain in LL-USA due to signing with CMLL (Malice).

The Main Event was not a good match at all but Kong was an awesome surprise and she was awesome like always. And if she remains on the show could be really good. They need some good female wrestlers though because Tigresa is not it.

Anyway better than last week but still a lot of stuff they need to improve. Again, make us care about these guys! Give us some real background info instead of little passing things that the announces just blow through.

Quick Results
1) Pequeno Halloween, Lizmark Jr., & Sydistiko def. Octagoncito, Mascara Purpura, & Super Nova
2) LL-USA Heavyweight Title Tourney: Charly Malice def. RelliK via DQ
3) Amazing Kong & Mini Park def. Tigresa Caliente & Chi Chi

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening brawl
Match of the Night: Trios Match (**1/2)
Overall Grade: B –

Scheduled for Next Week:
-LL-USA Tag Team Titles Tournament: El Oriental & Tinieblas Jr. vs. Marco Corleone & Lujo Esquire