Booker T talks leaving TNA, the Mafia, Batista, more

Booker T was interviewed on Sunday’s Live Audio Wrestling program. Here are the highlights:

– Booker T talked about leaving TNA. He said he wasn’t happy in the company because he wasn’t wrestling much. Booker said he came to TNA to help them, but felt in two years, the writing precluded him from showing what he could do.

– Booker said the Main Event Mafia faction, if booked properly, could be going strong today.

– He said he left TNA on good terms, which is why he recently returned to do a one night return at a house show.

– He shot down internet reports that he had a bad attitude in TNA, and said that if you asked the young guys about him, they would say he was helpful to them.

– Booker said he’d like to see a creative staff in TNA consisting of writers and wrestlers developing compelling story lines.

– Booker believes TNA took a step back when they eliminated the six sided ring after using it for seven years, since it was something different from WWE and was their signature. Booker said they just needed to make it a bit bigger.

– Booker said he is a big fan of fighting, and doesn’t see Batista suddenly turning himself into a MMA fighter.

– Booker said he is currently on the outs with his brother Stevie Ray, but that he still loves him.

– Booker said he isn’t done yet, and has things in the works.

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