from Arda Ocal:

Colt Cabana was a guest tonight on Right After Wrestling hosted by Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas. Highlights:

– Talking about his “Art of Wrestling” Podcast, and how he was able to secure CM Punk.. also why his podcast differs from others.
– How he used to own but now it’s a bunch of Japanese writing
– His reaction to big names coming to ROH and whether its a feeling of “these guys are coming here to make money at our expense”
– Sounding off on the fact that it’s a shame that Claudio Castagnoli is not being pursued by WWE
– Doing improv comedy with Mick Foley
– Wrestlers taking improv classes and why it’s essential

Also on the program in the “Ask a Ref” segment, Jimmy Korderas recollects about ribs “higher ups” used to play with him and the other referees during dark matches.


Thank you guys!

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