One of our favorite guys in the wrestling industry “Dirty” Dutch Mantell has a new blog up on his official website ( looking at the incident that took place involving Tila Tequila at the annual ICP Gathering of the Juggalos festival in Cave in Rock, Illinois.

Dutch has eyewitness accounts of the Tila incident from several wrestlers who were actually present during Tila’s concert….and Dutch gives us an ‘underlying reason’ why the crowd turned on her in such a vicious fashion.

This blog will be Part 1 of a three part series…talking about the Gathering which Dutch describes as something he has never, ever experienced before and he also gives up a reason as to why he finally decided to participate in the show. Dutch says he’s worked Wrestlemanias, Starrcades, appeared on sellouts in MSG, Memphis, Puerto Rico, Tokyo and London, England but never worked a show like the Insane Clown Posse Gathering this past Saturday night in Illinois. Check it out…a great write up about something that words cannot do justice to. One thing to remember…The Gathering is not WWE nor TNA….its something else. You be the judge.

You can read the full blog below: