B. Brian Blair on political campaign, The Iron Sheik

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B. Brian Blair joins the show as he is walking door to door trying to get votes for a political position in Florida. Blair goes into detail about how he can create jobs and lowering taxes. Blair says that he isn’t avoiding the fact that he was a wrestler as he is proud that he was a wrestler.

Blair had a blast working with Paul Orndorff before wrestling as the Killer Bees. He broke into the business with Orndorff. Orndorff, Hulk Hogan and himself were the only people to complete the training to become a wrestler. Blair mentions FCW and puts over Steve Keirn as a guy who has been doing great work for the developmental company.

Jack asks if Blair suffered any serious injuries while training. Blair says he has suffered plenty of injuries and list some of the injuries he suffered. Fractured thumb, four concussions and torn ligaments are just a few of the injuries.

Iron Sheik is brought up and Blair says he really dislikes Sheik as a person and believes that Sheik has lost his mind. Blair mentions that he was at a roast with Sheik and was slapped in the ear by Sheik and Sheik ran away like a coward.

Blair says that the Killer Bees was his idea and Hogan put him with Jim Brunzell. Blair recalls the coming up with the name Killer Bees in Canada. Blair says he and Brunzell never really got in a fight but they got in a few arguments and got along very well. Blair talks about Bret Hart saying that his best tag team matches were against the Killer Bees. Blair loved working with Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart.

Blair says that the road schedule was much harder than any other territory he worked for. Blair talks about all the different cities and way of travel he would have to do.

A caller asks if Blair would change the gimmick he was best known for if he could. Blair loved the Killer Bees gimmick.

Blair has to cut the interview short as he has to do something related to his campaign but promises that he will come back on the show for a longer interview.

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