Jerry Brown passes away

Jerry Brown, a member of the original legendary Hollywood Blondes tag team in the 1970s, passed away on September 15. He was 83 years old.

Brown, who had been told months ago that his heart was failing and nothing could be done, was found dead in a trailer he was living out of on his son’s property.

As part of the Hollywood Blondes, Brown and Dale “Buddy” Roberts (best known as a Freebird as well) were a popular tag team traveling through territories from 1970 to their breakup in 1977. Taking on Sir Oliver Humperdink as their manager in 1973, they found great success in Montreal. At one of the biggest live shows ever in Montreal, the Blondes defended the Tag Team Championship against Bruno Sammartino and Edouard Carpentier.

They would take their act to Florida and California as well, achieving great success in each territory they went to. The team separated in 1977 after Roberts went to Texas to pursue a singles career. Brown would stay in the Central States, teaming with Ron MacFarlane.

His career would end in 1984 on a sad note. According to Bill Watts, Brown developed a substance abuse problem after the breakup of the Blondes. Brown even went so far as to stalk Watts. After retiring, he wanted nothing to do with professional wrestling.

On behalf of the staff of Wrestleview, we extend our condolences to the family and friends of Jerry Brown during this difficult time.

Credit to F4WOnline for the history of Jerry Brown.