Eric Bischoff commented on Vince Russo on his Twitter page: Sorry to disappoint all of you who are expecting heat between Russo and I. Actually enjoy working with him so far. Ed (Ferrara) and Matt (Conway) too.

– Gerald Brisco commented on his Facebook page: I would like to think all my friends and my brother’s fans for all the kind remarks about a great brother and friend , Jack would be proud

– From Jeff Sheridan: Stacy Keibler mentioned in the 2/1 NY Post‏

After clicking this link:

Scroll to the last paragraph where it mentions Gerard Butler & Stacy:

“They had to move the party from the roof to the hotel lobby because it was so packed,” said a spy. “Gerard must not be dating Jennifer Aniston that seriously, because he was swarmed by girls all night” — including “Dancing With the Stars” contestant Stacy Keibler. “He was chatting her up all night,” said our spy.”

– From Jerry Wiseman: 2 Tuff Tony Interview‏

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