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Kayfabe Commentaries owner and host, Sean Oliver is now on The Wrestling Hotseat at http://www.myvirtualbc.com/wrestlinghotseat.htm

You know him as the host/interview of the highly successful series of DVD titles produced by Kayfabe Commentaries, but Sean Oliver is truly a man of many hats. A trained director, this lifelong wrestling fan’s career spans the entertainment industry. Whether he’s in front of the camera, behind the scenes directing, performing voice overs, or off camera painting, Sean Oliver exudes the one thing that makes professional wrestling special “Passion”! In this 55 minute interview we discuss many aspects of his career including:

* His acting career and starting into voice work
* Having Passion for your craft
* Art vs. Product
* His Paintings and the artistic process
* Auditions, Call Backs, and dealing with rejection
* His thoughts on Eric Simms
* How he’s grown more comfortable through the KC DVD’s on camera
* Titles that didn’t work out or come to fruition
* The most underrated Kayfabe releases
* The Guest Booker with Mike Graham and how KC was able to rescue the production
* The My Side series and what lead to it’s creation
* The new Jim Cornette DVD’s
* The upcoming Ring Roast with Jim Cornette October 15th in Rahway, New Jersey
* Internet Piracy in the wrestling community, it’s impact, and the effective way he’s found to combat it

and Much More!

In this interview we learn about the man behind Kayfabe Commentaries, how production and lighting, in addition to content has definitively redefined the way shoot interviews and related wrestling DVD’s are presented. With so many great titles currently out, we also talk about some of the great upcoming projects, including the hilarious hit Ring Roast, and the upcoming roast of wrestling’s favorite controversial manager, the Louisville Lip, Mr. James E. Cornett. You can learn more about how you can attend the event at http://www.ringroast.com . You can also learn more about Kayfabe Commentaries, the stars that have been featured, current and upcoming releases by visiting them online at http://www.kafabecommentaries.com

You can listen to the interview at http://www.myvirtualbc.com/wrestlinghotseat.htm via streaming flash player or mp3 download for free at


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