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In the most recent Wrestleview poll asking who will walk out of Night of Champions with the WWE Championship, the results are as follows:

Sheamus 15% (463 votes)
John Cena 9% (269 votes)
Wade Barrett 19% (572 votes)
Chris Jericho 5% (161 votes)
Edge 3% (106 votes)
Randy Orton 18% (558 votes)
The Miz (cashes in MITB) 31% (940 votes)

Total votes: 3,069

Coming in with only three percent of the votes was Edge, a man who seems lost in the shuffle among the established and the new main event talents. It has been some time since Edge last held the top championship in the company, but there are several more competitors that seem closer to the title than him.

After this week’s episode of Raw, Chris Jericho now stands no chance of winning the match unless WWE has a swerve in mind. However, that appears highly unlikely considering Jericho’s rumored impending departure. Still, Jericho came in with five percent of the votes.

How often do you expect to see the biggest star in the business not a heavy favorite to win a match? Wrestleview readers only gave John Cena nine percent of the votes for this match. Cena does indeed seem like an unlikely candidate to win this match as he doesn’t need the championship at the moment. The WWE Championship is on a different course right now. While Cena is the standard bearer for the title, the title appears to remain out of reach for him for the time being.

One year ago nobody would have thought Sheamus would be a two time WWE Champion yet here he is coming off the heels of the second biggest pay per view of the year with the title in hand. Sheamus won his first tile under questionable circumstances as well as his second. A win over five other stars at Night of Champions would be a strong title defense for the Celtic Warrior and build up his inevitable loss as a more significant title change no matter who takes the strap.

With eighteen percent of the votes Randy Orton came in at third place in the voting. Orton has become a new kind of baby face in the PG era. With his popularity increasing and his feud with Sheamus going strong, a baby face run with the title is a strong possibility.

Wade Barrett will finally get his shot at the WWE Title at NOC. Some are upset that his title shot is not a one-on-one affair and that is understandable. He certainly appears capable but he would need a strong baby face champion to face and that is not the case at the moment. The six-pack challenge may be a way for WWE to transition the championship from Sheamus to Barrett without having to put a baby face such as Cena or Orton in a transitional champion role.

Coming in with most votes (940) Miz is the favorite to walk out of NOC with the WWE Title. The funny thing is that Miz is not even in the match, but he could very well cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase and take the championship from the winner of the six-pack challenge.

There are so many possible ways for WWE to go with this match. Cena and Orton would make great baby face champions as the Nexus story continues. Barrett seems like the most plausible given the circumstances but Miz is unstoppable right now. Miz will likely drop the Unites States Championship to Daniel Bryan that night, why not have him bounce back and win the big one at the end of the show? All of these possibilities could be the reason Jericho was taken out of the match. He had promised to leave WWE if he lost the match, but with so many possible outcomes, a Jericho retirement would be overshadowed by a Barrett win, an Orton baby face run, or a Miz cash in.

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