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New ROH World Champion Roderick Strong gives his first comments since becoming champion. Highlights:

The feeling of finally reaching the top in ROH after years of being with the company (1:30)

Being approached to work for TNA or WWE (2:54)

The importance of the World Title and his upcoming challengers (4:20)

The crowd at the Manhattan Centre for Glory by Honor 9 (6:38)

The company’s promotion of his title match with Tyler Black (8:20)

Household names with Haas / Benjamin coming to ROH (9:44)
Roderick Strong’s message to the fans (11:01)

EXCERPT: “To me this closes a chapter and opens a fresh one. Basically right now I have a lot of blank canvas and I can make the best of it, the worst of it, I just have an opportunity to show everybody that have both good and bad things to say about me and my value in terms of whether or not I can carry this company. I think this is my opportunity to shut a lot of people up.”



This week on Right After Wrestling…

WWE Diva Natalya, along with WWE Tag Team Champions David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd, The Hart Dynasty joined Right After Wrestling (44:06). Highlights:

– Talking about Bret’s return to the WWE

– Natalya being proud that Trish Stratus said in an interview that of all the Divas, Trish would love to work with Natalya the most

– How the Hart Dynasty pull ribs on their family members on the road

– Their thought on the WWE Tag Team division

EXCERPT: Natalya (talked about Bret and Shawn in the ring together in January 2010) – “You could feel the weight being lifted off of them after that night. To have that kind of history, over a decade of holding onto that, it was a great release for both off them. Before Bret had come to WWE, Shawn Michaels had helped mentor a lot of the younger talent, HHH as well, so we saw a completely different side of these guys than Bret had remembered during the time of the Montreal Screwjob”.


Also on the program was ROH Producer Dave Lagana (20:05). Highlights:

– How to approach Vince McMahon with creative ideas

– Breaking down Glory by Honor 9

– Will Haas / Benjamin return?

– Why does Dave Lagana, an ROH employee, tweet about WWE programming.

EXCERPT: “Talking to Vince about ideas depends on the day, the scenario, the situation. For example, if it was you one on one with him, he was cool, but when the agent meeting came around, we were the idiots that were screwing up the company. We used to alwats joke that the writing team were like the nerds helping the jock do his homework.”


On this week’s “Ask a Ref”, Jimmy talks a little rib he pulled at the WWE House Show on Friday night in Toronto, ON that cracked up Charles Robinson. (38:37)


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