The Main Event sent this in:

Ryan Rider and Tony Stabile caught up with Demolition – Ax and Smash, at TOW 7 on September 25th in Montreal. Here are the highlights from the interview from Main Event Radio (, CJLO 1690AM in Montreal).

On coming back to Montreal: “We’re doing great. Montreal is one of the wrestling mecca’s in the world. A lot of legends. A lot of young talents coming up. We’ve been watching the matches here tonight at TOW and we’re happy to announce that we’re proud of what we saw.”

On reuniting a few years back after over a decade of not teaming: “We had lost each other’s e-mails. We just kept getting asked by promoters over the world to get back together and after a while you figure that we’re passing up a lot of good money. We both still enjoy it and the chemistry is still there.”

Thoughts on today’s business: “It’s a whole different wrestling business now. We’re into beating up people. They’re [young wrestlers] into all these moves and everything. Let them throw these moves into us and we’ll just give them a swift kick to the chops.”

On Mr. Fuji: “Mr. Fuji is doing well. We just did a little deal in New Jersey; an autograph session. He’s having a tough time with the wheelchair sometimes and with the cane but he’s doing well in the spirit. We just wish that he was with us all the time.”

Favorite towns: “We always like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles. Our hometowns Atlanta and Minnesota – we like to be there a lot, unfortunately you have to leave once in a while. Our wives borth tell us we’ve been hanging around the house too long, to go somewhere and get out of their hair. What’s funny now is that we’re really travelling everywhere. We have been to England, Germany, Japan, here in Canada, all over. What’s nice is that we never got to talk to the fans before, now we can.”

Barry “Smash” Darsow on his son Dakota: “He’s still wrestling. He’s doing well down in Florida at Brian Knobbs’ wrestling camp. He was with the WWE for about eight months. He’s a young kid so he’s got a long way to go. Good kid, good heart, he’s gonna be a hell of a wrestler. “