Orlando, Florida (Impact Zone)
October 28, 2010
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact opens up with clips of Hardy going nuts the last few weeks with clips of his promos in between. Nice little opening video.

We cut to the backstage area where Mickie James & Tara are brawling at catering! Mickie throws Tara onto a table and screams at her. The two hotties brawl all around the catering area (and goodness gracious alive how hot does Mickie look?!). Mickie actually hits Tara with a trashcan and gets called a “b*tch” for her troubles. The cameraman gets hit in the collateral damage of the brawl before Mickie throws a chair at Tara. They continue to brawl through the door into the parking area outside of the Impact Zone. Mickie tosses Tara into the wall but then Madison Rayne attacks Mickie from out of nowhere! Tara and Madison double team Mickie (insert dirty joke) but before they could Double Suplex Mickie onto the concrete the Beautiful People make the save! Angelina throws Madison into a table and then Velvet does the same! Sarita then comes from out of nowhere and attacks BP! A huge 6-woman brawl has erupted backstage! Madison throws Angelina into a wall nearby while Tara whips Mickie with a belt and even chokes her with it! Mickie takes the belt from Tara and turns it on her! The brawl spills into the Impact Zone now! This is the most awesome and hottest thing I’ve ever seen! A big tool box or something nearby Madison and Angelina falls over while they’re brawling and nearly lands on Angelina’s legs. Sarita and Velvet brawl out to the announce table while Madison tosses Angelina over the guardrail onto the stage. Velvet tries to suplex Sarita off the announce tables ramp but Sarita blocks it. Mickie and Tara are still brawling backstage we cut back to Sarita and Velvet brawling at the announce table. Mickie and Tara now brawl into the Impact Zone where Mickie tosses Tara into a wall near the fans. They brawl to ringside and Mickie dives off the guardrail onto Tara! Mickie rolls Tara into the ring as Velvet & Sarita brawl in the crowd! Angelina and Madison spill into the ring as well now followed by Sarita and Velvet! All 6 women are bunched up again now! Now, Ric Flair walks down to the ring with Bischoff’s security!

Flair and security try to break up the girls but Flair gets slapped by Tara in the process! Flair goes nuts and almost punches Mickie but stops himself and then almost stomps Tara. Flair gets between Tara and Mickie again and this time Mickie slaps him! Not once, but twice! Flair threatens to punch her but then grabs a microphone and asks her what the hell she’s doing. Flair tells them to get a grip and then says if Mickie ever slaps him again he’ll “make a woman outta’ ya!” and the same goes for Tara. A big “let them fight” chant starts and then the girls start fighting again! Security and Flair pull them apart again and Flair calls Mickie a “nutjob” and then says if they want to fight then they can do it in a match tonight! Flair makes Beautiful People & Mickie against Sarita, Tara, & Madison tonight! They don’t care as they’re still trying to fight as Flair is getting more and more pissed!

The Impact intro hits and then Tenay & Taz run down the card for tonight: Robbie E. goes one-on-one with the X-Division Champion: Jay Lethal in a Non-Title Street Fight (if Robbie wins he gets a shot at the belt), The Guns defend their belts against Ink, Inc. & GenMe in a 3-Way Dance, and Jeff Jarrett faces Mr. Anderson in a Chain Match!

In the back The Pope is pushing a casket towards the ring.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

Back from the break footage of Hardy’s nasty chair shot to the back of Anderson’s head last week is shown. Footage of Anderson being stitched up and the disgusting gash on his head are also shown.

In the back Bischoff and Flair joke about the brawl with the girls and Flair says they were acting like his ex-wives. He says the only thing they weren’t asking for was a check from him and Bischoff says he handled it. Flair asks where Hogan is and Bischoff says he’s talking about “some serious acquisitions” for Immortal. Security laughs at a joke from Flair and Flair asks them what they’re laughing at and calls them dumba**es. Bischoff then chastises them for allowing Angle to get to their SUV last week. Bischoff says if Angle comes anywhere near the Impact Zone then they’ll be fired. The Head Trainer walks in and asks Bischoff if he’s serious about booking Anderson in a Chain Match with Jarrett tonight. Bischoff mockingly says he’s using his best judgment and says the match is absolutely happening. The trainer says Anderson suffered a concussion only a week ago and it’s not safe nor ethical to put him in a match tonight. Bischoff says this isn’t the NFL and they get paid to wrestle injured. Flair asks where the trainer was a few weeks ago when he was going through tables and barbed wire and rolling around in thumbtacks “bleeding like a son of a b*tch” for about a half hour. The Trainer talks about the head trauma issues in sports right especially in NFL. Bischoff says Hogan crawled out of a hospital bed to take care of business in TNA so the least thing Anderson can do is take care of business in the ring. Bischoff says he will wrestle and the Trainer asks what happened to Dixie’s rule about protecting wrestlers from head trauma. Bischoff says Dixie’s done and tells the trainer to go find something else to do.

*NOTE* For anyone interested, Anderson really did suffer a concussion due to that chair shot (it wasn’t meant to be to the back of the head) and is supposed to be going through tests this week to see how long he’ll need to be out for.

We cut to the ring where The Pope is out with a casket at ringside. Pope says he thought it was about time he come out and speak to his congregation and hold court. Pope says when Pope speaks to the Congregation they speak back and asks for a “amen” from the fans which they gladly give him. Pope says apparently there is a “munsta” on the loose in TNA and that monster is filled with all kinds of evil spirits of Demonic proportions. Pope says he plans on pimp slapping that monster over and over! He says since Abyss has embraced his evil side that it’s about time he and the Congregation do something about it. Pope says he’s going to take the monster and stick him in the casket and send him straight back to hell. Abyss shows up in the stands with a microphone as the fans are getting rowdy.

Abyss says he hates to interrupt him but he comes with standing orders from Immortal. Hogan and Bischoff have instructed him to extinguish the flame that is The Pope. Abyss says when he and Pope meet the only thing Pope will need is a priest to administer his “LAST RITES!” Abyss says all the people that comprise Pope’s “Congregation” are stupid, pathetic sheep and they are no longer safe from him either. Abyss says you never know when or where he will come for them one-by-one. Abyss then grabs a woman and a guy from the crowd and drags them up the steps! Pope storms through the crowd and chases Abyss.

In the back Jarrett mockingly says that he had no idea how high the stage was that he threw Joe off of, saying that he’s “only been here since day one.” He then calls Joe a “big fat tub of goo” and says he’ll make it up to Joe if he’s man enough to meet him in the ring at Turning Point. Jarrett pulls out some chains and says Anderson’s delusional road to the title ends to tonight and says he’s going to cave in Anderson’s head further.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

In the back Flair is spitting some game at a female when Matt Morgan walks up and interrupts them. Morgan wants to talk about something with Flair and he asks if they’re serious about making Anderson wrestle with a concussion. Morgan says if anyone knows something about concussions it’s him and says he’s had several in Football. Morgan says this is very important and people are doing studies on concussions today and they can do something about that problem. Flair says whatever Bischoff and Hogan put down for Anderson to do Fourtune supports. He says they are a family and Morgan is a major part of Fourtune and they should forget they had this discussion. Flair walks off to find the girl again.

Non-Title Street Fight
Robbie E. w/ Cookie vs. Jay Lethal

If that numb nuts Robbie wins the match he gets a shot at the belt at Turning Point. More clips of that damn segment with J-Woww are shown. Lethal hits the ring and lights Robbie up with chops but Robbie comes back with some of his own. He tries to whip Lethal into the ropes but Lethal reverse into a back elbow and then he whips Robbie into the ropes. Robbie holds onto the ropes and bails out to the floor where he is not safe form the X-Division Champion! Lethal with a Suicide Dive through the ropes onto Robbie! Lethal grabs a garbage can lid from ringside (there are numerous weapons scattered) and blasts Robbie with it! Lethal then picks up a road sign and Suplexes Robbie onto it! Robbie comes back by running Lethal back first into the apron. Robbie then eats a nasty chop from Lethal as he turns around and then Lethal drops Robbie crotch first onto a sawhorse! Lethal throws right hands at Robbie and then tosses him back into the ring. Lethal rolls in but eats a knee from Robbie as he gets in. Robbie then whips Lethal into the ropes and hits a Back Elbow for a nearfall and then another one. Cookie grabs a kendo stick and tosses it to Robbie. Robbie taunts the crowd with the stick which allows Lethal time to recover and kick Robbie in the gut. Lethal then takes the kendo stick from Robbie and nails him with it! Lethal grabs a trashcan and tosses it into the ring and then puts it over Robbie’s head! Lethal then nails him with the kendo stick and then he blasts Robbie with it once more. Lethal climbs up top but Cookie grabs him by the leg and then sprays him in the eyes with hairspray! Robbie then hits Lethal with a Hangman’s Neckbreaker for the pin.

Winner: Robbie via pinfall (Neckbreaker)

In the back BP are getting ready for their match and bitching about Sarita and the other heels. Velvet wants to take care of Sarita in the match and then she leaves to call someone named Chris (Sabin?). Angelina walks out the door to hand Velvet something that she forget and when she comes back Winter (Katie Lea) is staring at her in the mirror again. Angelina asks her where the hell she came from and says she’s freaking her out. Winter says she’s not creepy at all and then says when two people have a bond it’s the universe that brings them together. Winter says it’s fate and then asks Angelina if she believes in fate and she says no. Velvet starts to come back and Angelina quickly grabs her and drags her into the dressing room to show her the “creepy girl” but when they turn around the only person there is the seamstress. Angelina says the “creepy girl” tried to touch her. Velvet thinks Angelina is going nuts.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

Clips of the drama with RVD and EV2 is shown. Back to the arena EV2 is in the ring and Dreamer says that RVD hasn’t returned any of there calls and he asks him to come out to the ring. Brian Kendrick is sitting in a corner reading a book (presumably Foley’s who is not there) and RVD walks out to the ring. Dreamer says that before this thing goes any further they need to end it right here. Dreamer says that he and RVD have known each other for 15 years and RVD was trained by Sabu’s uncle. Dreamer says that it was RVD who got him to come to TNA and then says what happened with Sabu last week was an accident. RVD questions that statement and then says what he does know is that he has no clue who he can trust. RVD says Hardy had him opened up like a “frog for science” and asks if they thought THAT was a result of his paranoia. Dreamer says that this is what Bischoff wants and he says they’re family and instead of being divided they should come together. Dreamer says Jeff has always been strange but now he’s just a scumbag. Dreamer says this is Eric Bischoff and tells him to remember what he tried to do to their “old company.” Raven is laughing in the background and RVD asks what the hell he’s laughing at. Raven says RVD is just paranoid and suggests the weed he advocates he should stay away from and find himself a new cause. Raven says Bischoff is just like himself, a super genius. Raven says that Bischoff has him all twisted up and says they’re his friends. RVD says “ha f’n ha” at them being friends and then says Dreamer doesn’t even realize the ‘stooge’ that Bischoff’s been talking about is who he’s looking at and then gets into Raven’s face! Raven doesn’t back down and EV2 gets between them. Fourtune’s music hits!

Flair leads his troops out to the stage. Fourtune calls them the epitome of dysfunction and then tells them to look at the definition of composure and strength, Fourtune. Flair says they should be thinking about Turning Point where EV2 is going to face Fourtune for the very last time. Flair says Raven and RVD better kiss and make up tonight because they have to team up to face AJ & Kaz tonight! Williams wants to be in the match for some reason but Flair blows him off. Flair tells Williams to talk to him backstage.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

In the back Fourtune says Williams has a bad attitude and then Williams says that he said his piece so there’s no reason to start screaming and shouting like a bunch of “irritating Americans” (hearing something that in a British accent is the epitome of irony). Kaz says that Williams is British and they bitch about everything (priceless). Williams says, no disrespect, but he beat Kaz for the X-Division Title. Flair stops them and says Williams is a major part of Fourtune and they agree to disagree and if Williams wants to wrestle tonight then fine. He will team with AJ and tells Kaz to put on his suit which Kaz doesn’t really care about. Storm says he has beer iced down and women waiting in a limo for them. Williams & AJ leave to get ready for their match.

6-Knockout Tag Match
Beautiful People & Mickie James vs. Sarita, Madison Rayne, & Tara

Sarita, Tara, & Madison all come out together but before they can even get in the ring the babyfaces attack them from behind. I think this may be the hottest 6 women to ever be in one match in TNA, ever. Mickie tosses Tara into the ringsteps and security runs out for some reason to separate the girls again. The action spills into the ring and the brawl continues! Earl Hebner is trying to get some type of control in the ring and security helps him get it. It finally settles down into a tag match. Angelina and Madison bum rush each other in the center of the ring. Madison whips Angelina into the ropes and then goes for a backdrop but Angelina stops and kicks Madison. Angelina hits a clothesline followed by a Forearm Smash but Madison retreats to her corner and tags in Tara. Tara goes for a clothesline but Angelina ducks and then hits a Jawbreaker! Angelina tags in Velvet and BP hit a Double Russian Legsweep on Tara for a nearfall. Velvet chops Tara’s amble chest and then attempts to whip her into the ropes but Tara reverses it only to eat a nice Spinning Head Scissors Takeover from Velvet for a nearfall. Mickie tags in now and climbs to the top but Tara quickly backs out of her range. Mickie climbs down and Tara tags out to Sarita before Mickie can do anything. Sarita shoves Mickie but then eats a series of forearms from Mickie. Mickie attempts to whip Sarita into the corner but Sarita reveres it. Sarita charges at Mickie but eats a back elbow from her and then Mickie hits the Mickie-can-rana! Mickie follows up with a Neckbreaker for a nearfall of her own. Tara grabs Mickie’s hair from the apron so Mickie turns around and swings at her. Tara ducks and Sarita uses the distraction to grab Mickie in a Waistlock. Mickie reverses it but Sarita drags her to the corner and then ducks as Tara nails Mickie right in the face with a Roundhouse Kick! Sarita puts the boots to Mickie and then covers for a nearfall. Madison tags in and chokes Mickie and then she stands on Mickie’s back as she’s draped on the bottom rope. Madison then puts Mickie in a head scissors and does the Pushup Facebuster (which gets move of the night for me) on Mickie. Tara tags back in and she stomps on Mickie as Madison holds her. Tara then lifts Mickie up on her back by her hair! Tara attempts to whip Mickie into the ropes but Mickie reverses it and they clothesline each other. Both tag out, Mickie to Angelina and Tara to Sarita. Sarita runs in with a clothesline attempt but Angelina ducks and hits one of her! Angelina follows up with a back elbow and then goes for a Scoop Slam but Madison & Tara hit her from behind! Angelina then rolls to her corner and tags out to Mickie. Mickie dives off the top with a Diving Senton on Sarita! Mickie then knocks Tara & Madison off the apron! Mickie then hits Sarita with a back elbow and goes for the Mickie-can-rana again but Madison grabs her by the hair. Mickie kicks Sarita away and then backhands Madison. Mickie crawls to her corner but Madison cuts her off and then she and Tara whip her into the ropes where Velvet blind tags in. Mickie then kicks Tara & Madison as they go for a backdrop. Mickie tosses Tara out of the ring and Velvet hits a Running Clothesline on Madison as Tenay says that Lacey Von Erich is training Ms. Tessmacher to be a Knockout (so who’s training Lacey?). Velvet grabs Sarita and hits her with a DDT! 1…2…NO Madison breaks it up! Things break down again as all 6 girls are going at it. Mickie this a Thesz Press on Tara. Madison hits the Rayne Drop on Angelina but then turns around into the Mickie-DT from Mickie! Tara then grabs Mickie and hits the Widow’s Peak! BP come from out of nowhere with Dual Kicks on Tara! Sarita comes back in and tosses Angelina out of the ring and then hits a Tiger Bomb on Velvet (they’re the legal women)! 1…2…3!

Winners: Sarita, Madison, & Tara via pinfall (Tiger Bomb)

In the back The Pope is still chasing Abyss. He hears a girl screaming and then runs towards that (message to anyone: run AWAY from the screams).

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

In the back Pope walks into the area where the screams are coming from and Abyss jumps him and the two fans run off (Abyss using them as bait apparently). Abyss picks up a broom and swings it at Pope but he ducks and then makes a comeback on Abyss! Pope beats on Abyss around the backstage area and then tosses him into the casket which was nearby. Pope starts to lift up the casket lit but Abyss stops him and throws him into a set nearby twice. Abyss screams at Pope to get up and then when he does he slams Pope into the staging again. Abyss opens up the casket and says this will be Pope’s final resting place and then he drops Pope into the casket and closes the lid. Undertaker would be so proud. Abyss looks around for Janice now and finally finds her nearby. Abyss starts beating on the casket with Janice and then dumps it over!

In the ring Generation Me are standing by. Max says they have a shot at the belts tonight and it’s not about sitting around playing X-Box like The Guns and it’s not cool walking around with tattoos like they’re hot stuff, it’s just about GenMe. Ink, Inc.’s music cuts them off and it’s time for the Tag Bout. Moore tells GenMe that “Matt & Jeff from 1998 called and they want their gear back” (now that stings). Moore says Ink, Inc. represent the 1% of people that are not afraid to express themselves no matter what anyone thinks with tattoos and piercings or whatever else. That means they represent freaks.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

TNA World Tag Team Championships
Triple Threat Match
Generation Me vs. Ink, Inc. vs. Motor City Machine Guns (c)

The bell rings and Jeremy & Jesse Neal will kick this bout off. They lockup and Neal gets Jeremy in a side headlock. Jeremy shoves Neal into the ropes but then eats a shoulder block from him. Neal hits the ropes and then connects with an armdrag on Jeremy as he got to his feet. Neal follows up with a Swinging Neckbreaker for a nearfall. Neal then hits a big right hand and then he attempts to whip Jeremy into the ropes but Jeremy counters into a Spinning Back Elbow. Max then yanks down on Neal onto the top rope from the outside. Jeremy in now and he gets a nearfall before Shelley broke it up. Jeremy runs in and knocks Sabin off the apron and then Max handsprings into a Head Scissors on Shelley holding him in place and Jeremy dropkicks Shelley off the apron! Max beats on Neal and then Jeremy tags in. They whip Neal into the ropes and then kick him and then Max lifts Jeremy up into the air into a dropkick on Neal. Max taunts Neal and then hits an Armbreaker on Neal and tags in Jeremy. Jeremy hits a Diving Double Foot Stomp onto Neal’s outstretched (by Max) arm! Jeremy hits a Scoop Slam on Neal and then follows up with an elbow drop for a nearfall. Jeremy taunts Neal more and then hits a Standing Dropkick and tags Jeremy back in. Jeremy puts the boots to Neal and then slams him into the GenMe corner. Jeremy chokes Neal in the corner and then tags in Max. GenMe whips Neal into the ropes and kick him and then Max lifts Jeremy up into the air again but this time Neal catches him in midair with a Spinebuster! Jeremy then grabs Neal by the leg but Neal kicks him off and tags in Moore! Moore climbs up top and dives off with a Flying Cross Body followed by a Back Heel Kick and then an Atomic Drop! Moore then hits a Spinning Heel Kick on Max for a nearfall before Jeremy broke it up! GenMe whip Moore into the ropes and then go for a double clothesline but Moore ducks and then counters them with a DoubleRana on both GenMe members! They roll out to the floor and Moore lifts Neal up and over the top rope onto a Plancha on GenMe on the floor! Moore then goes for a dive but Shelley cuts him off with a back kick. Shelley slingshots himself over the top to the apron and then stands with his legs spread on the middle rope as Sabin dives through Shelley’s legs with a Elbow Suicida onto Jeremy on the floor! Moore dropkicks Shelley off the apron and then sets up for a dive of his own but he sees Max Buck climbing into the ring on the big screen and hits an Asai Moonsault onto Max in the ring instead! 1…2…NO Max kicks out! Neal tags back in and he lifts Max up onto his shoulders as Moore climbs up top setting up for their finisher. Max fights it and grabs Neal into a waistlock and drags him into a corner. Moore climbs back down and charges, Neal ducks down, and Moore nails Max with a Corner Splash! Neal then hits a Running Clothesline on Max! Shelley comes charging in with a Running Back Elbow on Max followed by a Running Clothesline from Sabin! Jeremy dives off the top but eats kicks from the Guns! The Guns whip Jeremy into his partner in the corner! Sabin then hits a Running Forearm Smash on GenMe and then Shelley dives off of Sabin’s back with a Flying Forearm of his own onto GenMe! Now Sabin dives off of Shelley’s back with a Flying Back Elbow on GenMe! Moore dives off of Shelley’s back now with a Dropkick onto GenMe! Neal tosses Shelley out of the ring and GenMe roll out as well. sabin then springboards off the top but Neal catches him on his back! Moore dives off the top with the Mooregasm/Samoan Drop combo! 1…2…NO Jeremy Buck pulls the referee out! Shannon Moore hits a Springboard Plancha over the top onto Jeremy! In the ring Shelley nails Neal with an Enziguri and then The Guns hit Neal with the Skull & Bones! 1…2…3!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: Machine Guns via pinfall (Skull & Bones)

Team 3D interrupts the Machine Guns celebration and make their way out clapping for the Guns. Bubba grabs a microphone and says that everyone has to agree that TNA has the best Tag Team Division in the entire world. I would agree but ROH might have something to say about that. 3D runs down to the litany of tag teams in TNA (3D, Ink Inc., Beer Money, The Guns, GenMe) and then reiterates that they are officially retiring. 3D thanks the fans for being behind them all these years. Ink, Inc. are still in the ring and GenMe are on the outside. 3D says they want to go out against the best and The Guns are the best in the world right now. 3D says they’re just waiting on an answer for them and asks if The Guns are down for the match at Turning Point. Shelley says that 3 years ago 3D took a couple of boys (he and Sabin) and turned them into men. He says they learned a lot from 3D and calls them living legends. Shelley says they climbed the same ladder that 3D did and says they have always thought of themselves as “peoples champions” so they should take it to the people. Shelley asks the fans if they want to see 3D vs. The Guns and of course they say yes. They shake hands and then 3D raises The Guns hands. So it’s on for Turning Point.

In the back Bischoff is talking to Hogan on the phone. Matt Morgan walks in asks for a word with Eric. Bischoff jokes about Anderson being a “one armed jackass with a concussion” having to fight in a Chains Match. He jokes that that’s ratings and then Morgan asks if that’s all its about. Bischoff says ratings is all it’s ever about and then Morgan says putting a guy in the ring with a concussion is irresponsible but Bischoff disagrees and says that guys get hurt all the time. Morgan says this isn’t about the money or the ratings, it’s about the wrestlers safety. Morgan uses Hernandez as an example saying that he gave him a concussion and says he’s not proud of it but that put Hernandez out for 3 months before he was allowed to wrestle again and this is a bigger issues than Bischoff is giving it. Bischoff says he’s heard enough and says it’s not a safety issue and says he doesn’t give a sh*t about Anderson’s safety and this is about business. He says business is good when people do what they’re told to do when they’re told to do it. Anderson will face Jarrett tonight in a Chain Match, period. Morgan calls him irresponsible again before leaving.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

In the back Matt Morgan tries to talk to Mr. Anderson but the trainer stops him. Morgan gives the trainer his word that all he’s going to do is talk to Anderson, nothing more. The trainer lets him through.

At the announce table Taz & Tenay argue over the concussion issue and then run down the Turning Point lineup so far: Mickie vs. Tara, 3D vs. The Guns for the tag straps, & Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson for the TNA Title but it’s up in the air on whether Anderson can go.

We get an “up close and personal” segment with Jeff Hardy. Hardy talks about being in control of his own destiny and being above “it al” and better than everybody else. Hardy says the fans acceptance was meaningless and once again calls himself the “antichrist” of wrestling. His creepy promos are pretty good.

RVD is warming up for his tag match next.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles & Douglas Williams vs. “The Whole F’n Show” Rob Van Dam & Raven

Raven & RVD come out separately while Williams & AJ come out together. AJ & Williams attack RVD before he even starts to come out! Finally RVD’s music hits but he takes his time coming out to the ring. AJ and Williams continue to stomp Raven as RVD walks out. As RVD gets in the ring Fourtune jump him as well. They whip RVD into the ropes and go for a Backdrop but RVD flips over them and then kicks AJ and tosses Williams out of the ring! Raven then takes AJ over the top with a Body Press sending both men over the top to the floor. Williams back in and he jumps RVD from behind. Williams nails RVD with a European Uppercut and then he tries to throw RVD into the corner but RVD blocks it with his foot and kicks Williams in the head. RVD follows up with Rolling Thunder for a nearfall before AJ breaks it up. Williams grabs RVD and locks him in a Rear Chinlock before dropping it and putting the boots to him. AJ tags in and hits a Scoop Slam on RVD followed by a Knee Drop for a nearfall. RVD fights back on AJ with rights and lefts and then he goes for a roundhouse kick but AJ catches the leg and Williams comes charging in and knocks Raven off the apron. AJ then sweeps RVD’s other leg and drags RVD to the heel corner. Williams tags in and stomps on RVD before getting another nearfall. Williams locks RVD in a Front Chancery and then AJ dropkicks Raven out of the ring before he can get involved. Williams throws RVD into the corner and chokes him. AJ tags back in and hits a Snapmare Takeover on RVD and locks him in a Rear Chinlock. RVD fights to his feet but AJ slams him to the mat by his head. AJ and Williams say something back and forth but when AJ turns around he eats a Spinning Back Kick from RVD! Ric Flair runs down to ringside now and pulls Raven off the apron and hits him with AJ’s belt as the referee was checking on AJ and RVD! In the ring RVD crawls to his corner but no one is there and AJ tags out to Williams. Williams grabs RVD’s leg but RVD kicks him off. AJ charges over but RVD ducks and nails AJ with a Superkick! Williams tries to kick RVD but he catches Williams’ foot and this the Stepover Heel Kick! RVD sees Raven laid out on the outside now and AJ comes from behind and stuns RVD onto the top rope! Williams nails RVD with a European Uppercut and then AJ comes off the top with a Springboard Flying Forearm! AJ tries to cover RVD but he’s not the legal man. Williams climbs up top and AJ blind tags as him as he does so. Williams dives off the top with the Bombs Away Knee Drop and then AJ dives in and covers RVD for the pin which Williams was not happy about.

Winners: AJ & Williams via pinfall (Bombs Away)

Raven is busted open on the outside. Williams is pissed at AJ for stealing his pin. RVD tells Raven to get in the ring with him now but Raven just walks away.

—————————COMMERCIAL BREAK——————————

Clips of the TNA stars on Family Feud are shown. Steve Harvey hosts Family Feud now?

Footage of Jarrett’s attacks on Angle & Joe the last 2 weeks are shown. Mr. Anderson’s music hits but he doesn’t come out instead Matt Morgan does!


Morgan has a microphone and says he and Jeff are boys but the problem is nobody in the back will listen to him so being boys he figured he could come out and talk some sense with Jeff. Morgan says that Jeff has been wrestling for 16 years and he can bet that Jarrett has wrestled certainly wrestled with a concussion and Jarrett agrees. Morgan says Jeff didn’t know then what we now know about concussions. Morgan says that he is a member of the “Sports Legacy Institute” (true I believe) which does concussion studies on the brains of dead athletes. Morgan says there are 50 year old athletes walking around with the mental ability of 85 year old Alzheimer’s patients right now (more truth). Morgan says that makes him want to puke and he knows that Jeff doesn’t want that for himself either. He says it’s up to them, the athletes, to do the right thing and it’s up to them to dictate that when a guys down that that’s it. Jarrett asks Morgan if he’s “freaking kidding” him and says he doesn’t give a damn about Anderson’s concussions. Jarrett says he threw Joe off the stage without batting an eye. He says he’s in this for survival and he doesn’t give a damn about anybody. Not Kurt, not Joe, not Anderson, and after tonight not even Morgan. Jarrett looks into the camera and says the Massacre of Anderson takes place tonight and there isn’t anything Morgan or anybody else can do about it. Jarrett tells Morgan to get out of the ring and demands Anderson come out. Morgan starts to leave but stops as the fans chant his name and then he picks up the other end of the chain. Morgan says he could kick Jarrett’s ass right now! Morgan puts the other end of the chain on his wrist and then Jarrett tells the referee to take the chain off of Jeff and if he knew this was going to get Matt this upset he would’ve never done it. Jeff says that he was wrong and then blats Morgan with a cheap shot!

Main Event
Chain Match
“King of the Mountain” Jeff Jarrett vs. “The Blueprint” Matt Morgan

Jarrett tosses Morgan into the corner but Morgan fights back with back elbows and then he throws Jarrett across the ring! Jarrett tries to escape but Morgan uses the chain to pull him back and then he grabs Jeff by the back of the neck and throws him into the corner! Morgan nails Jarrett with the back elbows in the corner! Morgan then hits a Corner Splash followed by a Sidewalk Slam! Morgan nails Jeff with repeated right hands and then a Fall Away Slam! Jarrett rolls out of the ring and Morgan follows. Morgan chokes Jeff on the guardrail and then he continues to beat on Jeff. Jeff slides through the ring underneath the ropes causing the chain to get caught between the ring post and then he pulls Morgan into the ring post! Jarrett tried to do it again but this time Morgan pulls him into the ring post and Morgan is bleeding. Back in the ring Jarrett pokes Morgan in the eyes and then dives off the top but Morgan catches him in midair and hits a Chokeslam! Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint but Jarrett ducks and by doing so the chain got caught between Morgan’s legs and Jarrett crotches Morgan with the chain! Jarrett then hits the Stroke! 1…2…3 and Jarrett gets the pin!

Winner: Jarrett via pinfall (The Stroke)

After the match Morgan goes absolutely nuts and clotheslines the crap out of Jarrett and then he wraps the chain around Jarrett’s neck! Fourtune hits the ring and jump their buddy, Morgan! one thing of note, Williams is not out there. Jarrett makes a noose out of the chains and Fourtune drags Morgan out of the ring. They then put the noose around Morgan’s throat and Jarrett and Fourtune choke Morgan from inside the ring hanging him! AJ screams that Morgan is a dead man as they choke him. Finally the release Morgan as the show closes.


Before I even get into the show I’m going to talk about the concussion issue because I can already hear the ‘media’ imploding all together trashing TNA over this. These are, I’m sure, the same people that scream and bitch and moan about “unprotected chair shots” and the very issue that was brought up in the show tonight. Concussions in pro wrestling is a very real issue (as well as in other sports, football and boxing as the biggest examples) something that Chris Nowinski and others have really brought to light. Instead of throwing TNA under the bus for bringing up a real issue in a storyline why shouldn’t you praise them for it? They didn’t send Mr. Anderson, who has a real concussion due to a real injury, out there to wrestle a few weeks after receiving the concussion. No, they had a wrestler “stand up” for him on their show and refuse to allow this to go down. Wrestling and other sports (especially football) have been really killed in the past over athletes competing with concussions. I’m glad TNA used this in the storyline and they should be applauded for bringing that real issue to the front in this angle despite how you feel about the company (I’m sure Bryan Alvarez, Dave Meltzer, and Hunter Golden most likely will have very different opinions and takes on this but this is MY opinion).

Now to the rest of the show. Mixed feelings on the show as a whole. While, I liked the concussion thing being brought into it I didn’t like how this whole turn with Morgan went down so quickly. He first questioned his group then turned on them and got attacked by them all in the same week. Something like that should usually go down over a few weeks but in TNA’s defense the concussion of Anderson snuck up on them.

I don’t like all the dissention in Fourtune, they should be the guys standing strong in my opinion, but I do think this will end up with Morgan and then Williams leaving the group leaving the core members in Fourtune. Which I wouldn’t be mad at that because TNA is really hurting for babyfaces right now.

I absolutely loved all of the Knockouts stuff tonight. The brawl to open the show was awesome. Hot chicks fighting and showing a lot of intensity in the process is never a bad thing. The stuff with Winter has me interested as well and the match itself was very good. Sarita with a big win as well is not a bad thing. That’s one girl that needs to be at the top of that division. TNA is really, really starting to stack that division again. Not only with Mickie James and Winter coming in but also AAA’s Christina Von Eerie and possibly even Jennifer Blade as well coming into the division.

They are doing the complete opposite with the X-Division, it’s regressing. Back at Destination X I really thought TNA was going to put the spotlight back on the X-Division but not so much. We have to see this Robbie E. guy while guys like Okada, Amazing Red, Kiyoshi, etc. sit on the sideline and while others like Christopher Daniels and Homicide are completely out of the company and Kaz, The Guns, GenMe, and Kendrick are doing different things. This Robbie E. clown is going to win the X-Division Title at Turning Point (if not at TP then the next month). I have absolutely no doubt in my mind TNA is going to put the belt on this guy. They spent all the money on pretty much buying the publicity with the J-Woww chick and they’re not going to bail out on this stupid, horrible gimmick just because of that investment. They need to concentrate on rebuilding that division with great high flyers, not horrible gimmicks. What’s wrong with Amazing Red and Jay Lethal stealing the show instead of Jay having to carry this ass clown through a match?

Now onto another solid division. The Tag Match was really fast paced and extremely fun. Put those 3 teams on PPV with about 15-20 minutes and you have a classic on your hands. I like that they followed up with finally the Guns accepted 3D’s match but 3D putting over the other tag teams in the process. There is only one way this match at Turning Point works out and that’s if the Guns go over. That’s it, no other way. No DQ’s, not interference, no bullshit. 3D is retiring as a team, they need to put the top team in TNA over on the way out. If not, then it’s a major fail. It’s time to see if 3D is willing to practice what they preach all the time (building up the young guys).

AJ/Williams vs. Raven/RVD was nothing special at all but not horrible. It was really just there to put over the tension between RVD and EV2 as well as further the tension with Williams and Fourtune.

Overall another solid show this week from TNA.

Promo/Segment of the Night: Opening knockouts brawl
Match of the Night: Tag Team 3-Way (***)
Overall Grade: B

Scheduled for Next Week:
– Abyss vs. Pope
– Sarita vs. Velvet Sky
– Ink, Inc. & Mickie James vs. Generation Me & Tara
– TNA TV Title Triple Threat: AJ Styles (c) vs. Rhino vs. RVD

Turning Point Lineup:
– TNA World Title: Jeff Hardy (c) vs. Mr. Anderson
– TNA Tag Team Titles: Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Team 3D (3D retires after this match)
– TNA X-Division Title: Jay Lethal (c) vs. Robbie E.
– Winning Team Gets to Fire A Member of Other Team: Fourtune vs. EV2
– Mickie James vs. Tara