From Bill Behrens:

Jerry Jarrett Announces Nashville Wrestling Seminar
by Jerry W. Jarrett on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at 11:47am

I’m excited to announce that I will be hosting a professional wrestling seminar to be held in Nashville, Tn. on Saturday, November 27, 2010. the location will be 1056 East Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN.

The seminar will be pro-active in that it will include in-ring instruction and participation. Each participant will be instructed in interview skills. Both the in-ring and interview segments will be recorded on DVD, so that the experience can be reviewed at home.

The seminar will be open to both men and women and those who aspire to participate as wrestler, managers, and referees.

We will soon announce the opening of our professional wrestling school. Canidates for the school will be selected from the participants at the seminar. There will be three seperate divisions in the school.

1. Beginners classes: This group will be instructed in the basics of in-ring wrestling. Limit of 20 participants.

2. Intermediate classes: This division is for talent who are already schooled in the basics and fundamentals of wrestling. We will help these students reach a level to be qualified to be booked in a professional match. Limit of 10 participants.

3. Senior classes: This is the class of wrestlers that has motivated me to get back into the business. I have recently visited several independent wrestling cards and was both impressed and surprised at the level of some of the talent. In several cases, I saw talent that surpasses some of the talent at WWE and TNA in physical ability. Many have asked “why can’t I get booked at the next level?” I have preached that the wrestling business is simple and that it is those who don’t really understand the business that make it complicated. The fact is that in-ring skill is only 1/3 of what it takes to become a professional wrestler. It also requires 1/3 verbal skills and 1/3 presentation of character. When these 1/3’s are combined, you have a professional wrestler. Our goal for this class is to help a person who is already getting booked, to move to the next level. Limit of 10 participants.

Seminar Cost: $50.00 (This seminar will be limited to 20 participants in order to devote time to each person individually. Therefore entry will be on a first come basis.)

Send certified check or money order to:

NWA Wrestling

PO Box 160224

Nashville, Tn. 37216

Beginners will need short or wrestling tights, shirt, and smooth soled shoes. (Those without wrestling shoes will be allowed to participate without shoes.)

Note: The building, ring, lights, instructors, insurance, etc. all have associated cost. Therefore there will be no exceptions to the seminar fee.