InfoWars at spoke to Jesse “The Body” Ventura about new TSA regulations and his decision to no longer fly commercial airlines. Ventura said he underwent hip surgery so every time he goes through an airport the metal detector goes off, and he’s sick and tired of being frisked all the time. “If you touch people that way on the street it would be a sexual assault,” says Ventura. “I feel that as a former Governor, a former Mayor, an honorably discharged United States Navy veteran, a Vietnam veteran, that I can’t live with myself that every time I go to an airport I have to prove that I’m not a murderer, that I’m not guilty of anything, that I have to prove I won’t hijack a plane… I find it ridiculous and so for my own personal choice i won’t fly a commercial airline or subject myself to that again.” Ventura, who currently resides in Mexico, said this could spell the end of his television career unless he finds another mode of transport or uses a private aircraft.

(credit: Wrestling Globe Newsletter)