The latest edition of the Wrestleview “Conference Call” for Sunday, November 28, 2010 is now archived and airing exclusively on the Wrestleview Radio Network with host Adam Martin.

On the program this month and making his debut on the “Conference Call” is Bryan Alvarez, editor of The Figure Four Weekly Newsletter and writer for The Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online.

Topics discussed on this program:

* Discussion on the merger of The Wrestling Observer and Figure Four Online back in 2008.
* The many radio show programs he hosts on the website including the “Bryan & Vinny Show.”
* Having his recent marriage a few months ago “scooped” online by The Pro Wrestling Torch.
* Thoughts on his appearances on the “Nancy Grace” CNN Headline News TV show back in 2007.
* Why he felt it was a mistake to do the WWE Championship title change after Survivor Series.
* What he makes of so many wrestling radio shows interviewing the same cut WWE talent.
* The decline of WWE pay per view buyrates domestically and what the answer is to fix it.
* Why he feels WWE will continue to stay stubborn and keep prices the same for PPV events.
* Discussion on the TNA Wrestling product as things stand heading into a new year in 2011.
* Why some wrestling fans must have insanely low standards to enjoy TNA Impact every week.
* Why he would never want to write a “Death of TNA” book if the company goes out of business.
* His take on some in the MMA media either criticizing or taking shots at pro wrestling.
* What he really thinks about the pro wrestling media and things that bother him about it.
* Why he finds it funny that people get so aggressive with protecting “exclusives” and “news.”
* And so much more on this VIP exclusive only show!