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It has just been announced that Dutch’s new book, TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD, has been officially released and is AVAILABLE NOW for purchase online and on Dutch’s website… just in time for Christmas. The book encompasses 338 pages, 25 chapters, 7 countries and three continents as Dutch relates what it was like traveling all over the world when wrestling had many more companies to work for and a lot more interesting characters than today. Its a fascinating look back at an era of professional wrestling and the stories and wrestlers that shaped it.

The stories run the gamut of lighthearted looks at the zaniness of pro wrestling to the very serious topics of the death of Eddie Graham. Dutch also has chapters on the Undertaker, Ernie Ladd, Iron Sheik, Sid Vicious, Ricky Morton, Justin Hawk Bradshaw, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince Russo plus a murder plot, fights, divorces and meeting the KKK at a wrestling show. Yes…this book ain’t your typical wrestling book. Go with Dutch as he takes you backstage in the WWF/WCW and TNA and feel what it was like being in the CREATIVE HOTSEAT!!!

Unlike some of the wrestling books you read today, Dutch wrote every word in the book.

As an added bonus, Dutch’s blog has a SAMPLE STORY from the book about the time he first met Mick Foley and whether he thought Foley was going to be a big star. Check it out…

The World According to Dutch

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Note from Adam Martin: Dutch will join us this week in a new interview discussing the release of his second book, feedback on his first book, the state of TNA Wrestling and more!