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Dirty Dutch has just released a new blog that includes a FREE SAMPLE CHAPTER from his new book, TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD. The SAMPLE chapter is about a wife of a well known wrestler who accused him of some tom foolery with other women who hung around the matches. In those days, little ladies of the matches were quite common and when other females are involved with married men, well, divorces were inevitable.

The chapter is titled…HONEY, I NEVER CHEATED ON YOU WITH ANOTHER WOMAN, I SWEAR!!! It is presented in installments due to length.

This chapter is a man’s worst nightmare and especially a wrestler and this is what makes TALES FROM A DIRT ROAD…not your typical wrestling book. Dutch’s new book is a 338 page project that has just released this week and if you want a great Christmas present for YOURSELF, this book is a must read. Its another fascinating look behind the scenes…and at a part of the wrestling business that not a lot of people see even for many of those inside it as well.

The book includes chapters on the Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ernie Ladd, the Brisco Brothers, WWF, WCW, Sid Vicious, Iron Sheik, international tours, Jake the Snake, John Layfield, Vince Russo, THE LAST SELLOUT, wrestling in other countries and takes in subjects as varied as murder, suicide, divorce, fighting, drug use, the KKK, religion, booking philosophy, crazy fans and creative differences…all in one 338 page book.

This is not your typical wrestling book.

Check out the blog and the sample chapter and find out how to order directly from Amazon or get a personally autographed copy of the book by going to