Rob Zeida sent this in:

Stevie Richards’ New Online Endeavor

The T4 Show hosted by former ECW/WWE/WCW/TNA Wrestler Michael Manna is expanding.

Michael Manna aka Stevie Richards has been a long time contributor to the internet. He was one of the first Pro Wrestlers to have a message board to interact with fans on Bill Simmons aka ESPN’s Sports Guys’ AOL Boards. He was one of the first wrestlers to have what is now known as a Podcast on his personal website, and with the T4 Show Podcast and live videos on he has expanded to one of the top technology and fitness websites around.

But now Michael is starting a new venture with the T4 Comics Show and Michael is delving in to the world of Comic Books, and starting a community to discuss the world of Comics. So we invite wrestling fans who are also comic fans to come check us out. Michael is learning the world of comics, and wants the advice of fans of what books he should read and undertake in the upcoming episodes of the T4 Comics Show.

You can visit us online at, or visit the T4 Show at, or on your iPhone or iPad download our app at View the T4 Show live every thursday night at 10pm EST on