A new Wrestleview “Spotlight” interview for Thursday, March 3, 2011 is now online featuring the former 4-time WWF and WCW Champion SID VICIOUS on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

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Topics discussed on this new “Spotlight” interview includes:

* Details on the “River of Darkness” film starring Sid Vicious that is available March 29.
* What it was like to work with pro wrestlers Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle during the filming.
* Looking back at his past acting career including the WCW-themed “Ready 2 Rumble” film.
* Details on a new documentary he is working on about pro wrestling similar to “The Wrestler.”
* Being one of a handful of wrestlers who have headlined two different Wrestlemania events.
* What runs through your mind when you are in a sea of wrestling fans at Wrestlemania.
* Discussion on “big men” pro wrestlers and why they wrongly get a bad rap as pro wrestlers.
* Thoughts on the current wrestling industry and if he considers wrestlers “whiny” today.
* Differences between wrestling a decade or so ago to pro wrestling as it stands now in 2011.
* What he thinks about The Undertaker still wrestling and appearing at Wrestlemania today.
* Who told him to come off the top rope that led to him breaking his leg in WCW.
* Plus, bonus commentary from Adam Martin and Hunter Golden after the interview concludes.
* Check out this new exclusive interview only on the Wrestleview Radio Network!

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