Mike Mooneyham of The Post & Courier is featuring an interview with Dana Hall, the ex-wife of Scott Hall, where she discusses a letter she wrote 13 years ago expressing concerning for Scott’s health and how nothing has changed 13 years later.

“Nothing has changed since my letter of 13 years ago, except things have gotten worse. Scott is no longer famous; he is infamous. He hasn’t seen Cassidy (his daughter) since August 2010. I don’t think he has seen Cody (his son) in almost two years. They hold it in. They hate to talk about it, but they accept that they don’t have a father or a normal life. The last time I talked to him face to face was when I took Cassidy to the hospital to tell him goodbye last August.

It was a horrible scene. He had been doing crack cocaine for days and had used all the money in the account he wrote the child support check on and it had bounced. I have cut off his contact with me and the kids, and ignore his calls, texts and messages to me, which are 99 percent negative and nasty when he is drunk. At this point, he can have no contact with us unless I know his intentions. Actions speak louder than words.”

An open letter written by Dana is also included in the article.

Full article:
Last Call for Scott Hall?