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“Dangerous” Danny Davis Interview recap

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Jack and OneInchBiceps are joined by the evil referee and Mr. X “Dangerous” Danny Davis.

Jack asked if Danny thought he would get a lot of heel as a referee? He goes he didn’t expect and it was the way he conducted himself in the ring. Someone obviously noticed it backstage and started to play it out by making him a heel. He was the first and last person to screw the wrestlers. Danny said he has no stories of the crazy Jameson!

Jack asked when he got into wrestling, was it supposed to be a short or long term thing? Danny said he got a lot of experience being Mr. X and when he got the big break he knew it was a long term thing and did it longer than expected. He said wrestling is different from his time and now, he said Vince was way ahead of his time back when he was in the business and when it went primetime.

Jack asked what was it like to be in front of the Wrestlemania 3 crowd? Danny said walking out of that arena he was in awe, a amazing feeling that anyone could have. The attendance is still a record to this day. Danny said Chief Jay Strongbow he fought in his first match was there when he had his first professional match.

OneInchBiceps had a message from the board: Mr. Moxie asked what was it like to do double duty as Mr. X and the referee? He said he felt great dong it but had to change everything including his personal. It was sometimes exhausting at some arenas as he had to ref 4 or 5 matches then wrestle. It was hectic and exciting.

Jack asked did wrestlers give him heat for being both personals? Danny said no one gave him grief and didn’t want to work with him. No one gave him a hard time. Danny said he had to be himself when leaving the arena. Jack asked if he had any Iron Sheik stories? Danny said he was a hell of a guy but couldn’t say anything on air. He always was working out in the gymnasiums.

Jack asked did he wear long sleeves when wrestling because of his tattoos? He said yeah it was to cover them up, in that era Vince didn’t like the tattoos and thought they were not attractive. Jimmy Hart gave him the advice as he was a manager and they were homemade.

LaBlueGuy asked how would he have handled the Montreal Screw Job? Danny explained the referee Earl Hebner had no idea what was going to happen and only two people did at the time, it was a very difficult situation to be put in.

Jack asked if he fought Bret Hart would have such a great career? He said the Hart family lived for wrestling and wasn’t surprised especially with the dungeon set-up in their house. Stu Hart are all legends and Bret was a special and wise business man.

Jack thanked Danny Davis for being on the show and likewise.

Interview Time: 20minutes 25seconds.

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