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With the recent release of Jay Lethal from TNA, the question was put to Wrestleview readers as to whether WWE should swoop in and sign him. The results of the latest Wrestleview poll are as follows:

Should WWE sign Jay Lethal?

Yes 65.5% (2,033 votes)
No 22.45% (697 votes)
Maybe Later 12.05% (374 votes)

Total Votes Casted: 3,104

The late-April release of Jay Lethal from TNA surprised many. Fans and wrestlers all spoke out about their disappointment in the release. Where does Lethal go from here? Natural speculation points to WWE. The question now becomes if they should. The majority of voters believed Lethal should be signed up by WWE. He could easily fit into either a heel or face role in the mid-card on either Smackdown or Raw.

There were a good number of voters who believed WWE should not sign Lethal. There were a few reasons mentioned by those who cast their votes. One reason was concern that Lethal has been ruined by TNA. Another concern was that WWE would not use him to his full potential. Not everyone is happy about the way WWE has used some of their favorites, and Lethal may end up the same way. That is not to say that a mid-card run is a bad thing, but strong supporters of one wrestler are sometimes not happy unless that superstar is a main event talent. Of course there is always the possibility voters do not believe Lethal fits with the company. Part of WWE’s structure is that that they have guys that fit certain roles, and not every wrestler has a place with the company.

Coming in with a little over twelve percent of the votes was the option for time to pass and then evaluate. Perhaps Lethal would make a great fit in WWE, but staying off television would be a good rest for him. He can recharge his batteries come back refreshed. Perhaps WWE would pick him up and send him to FCW where he can rebrand himself.

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Matt O’Brien