The latest edition of “The Velvet Room” for Friday, May 20, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with hosts Clinton Bowman, Nicholas Gray and Greg McNeish.

Barring the Rapture…which totally ain’t happening…(it’s 6pm somewhere…) the Friars of Fridays return for some sheer Macho Madness on a memorial episode of the Velvet Room with special guest host, Wrestleview SmackDown recapper, Mike Tedesco!

Discussed on Friday’s show:

* The 5/20 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, bookended by World Heavyweight Champion ‘Prancin’ Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry and Christian vs. Sheamus.

* The introduction of the Velvet 15, where we take a look at Tough Enough, NXT and Superstars in 15 minutes or less.

* A memorial poem for Randy Savage read by Greg McNeish, as well as a post show Randy Savage impersonation fest.

* Student of the Week, VIP Member and Founding Member of the Velvet Nexu5, Goose Oberstar joins Clinton, Nick, Greg and Mike for Over the Limit Predictions.

* Plus, the sheer hilarity injected by Michael McGuillicutty, Scott Steiner and the Juggernaut on this weekly Friday show on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

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