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New blog:

Sean “X-Pac” Waltman has a new blog posted on his official site, The following are excerpts from the article:

On CM Punk: “While I was still living in Mexico I stopped by Palacio de los Deportes where WWE was putting on a live event. The main event was Punk(as WWE Champ) vs Undertaker. I know from experience how hard it is for a guy our size to work with Taker or Kane. Well Punk and Taker had a hell of a match & I was extremely impressed that he had the ability to pull that off. I talked to William Regal about him that night & he told me Punk actually paid for & took a seminar put on by Regal, even after Punk had already made somewhat of a name for himself. That alone speaks volumes about the guy.”

On Zack Ryder: “I think it’s fair of me to say that Ryder isn’t the most athletically gifted guy on the roster. His physique is average, but his work is solid. The thing about Ryder, that stands out to me, is his ambition & the fact that he has taken the initiative to get his character over(with no help from creative, as far as I know) through his youtube series “Z-True Long Island Story”. I haven’t watched every episode, but I took the time to watch several of them. After watching some of his episodes, I came away feeling like I know the guy. He comes off as a guy who is a super mark for wrestling & will do whatever it takes to make it. He seems like he is a big fan of himself & yet still a mark for the bigger names in WWE, such as the segments with Cena making brief cameos & Zack marking out over it. I think there is a great opportunity for WWE to capitalize on this.”