Adam Curtis sent this in to

As everybody is aware many people have been caught up in the 1PW situation in regards to tickets being purchased through multiple Paypal addresses. Unfortunately mine was one such account used. It seems like nobody can get a straight answer about getting their money back and I too am in that position.

Having let the management team use my Paypal address (while a huge and costly error) was done in good faith and obviously as the money was not mine (I never received anything for my efforts) I had to download it to a bank at intervals and pass it to 1PW. This has backfired spectaculary on me as now, with 1PW cancelling the events in which the tickets were for, the refunds rightfully have come flooding in.

Now, I understand that I am responsible for the money as it came through a Paypal address linked to my account and I intend to make good on those refunds. What I would ask is that people please bear with me, as mentioned previously, I had, at 1PW’s request downloaded every penny from that account and gave it to them. And, like everybody else they are blaming each other but the one thing that is not getting sorted is how I am going to get the money back to pay for these refunds.

The current situation is that I have arranged a personal loan, and will have to sell some of my personal possessions to fund some of the refunds. Honestly I cannot work any faster and having people drag my name through the mud, threaten me with police action and suchforth is not productive. I am the one who is arranging to pay back money which isn’t or ever has been mine, I am set to lose potentially £6-7000, for helping somebody out. Think about it, you do your friend a favour the next day you are £6000 out of pocket for nothing. You have to sell your belongings, put yourself in huge debt, to pay back someone else’s debt. In addition, I am cancelling the only holiday abroad i’ve had in 13 years and am having to use the money I had set aside for a house deposit to pay for this too. I’m not after anyone’s sympathy here, this is my burden to bare, i’m just asking for a little time to keep sorting this horrible situation out. I understand everybody is out of pocket but please understand I am working on it and I intend to make it right, this is a mistake I will still be paying off in two years time.

Thank you, Adam.