Foley on not being happy in TNA, WWE and more

Brian Fritz sent this in:

Mick Foley has been entertaining fans in and out of the wrestling ring now for over 25 years. Mick talks with Brian Fritz of about his unique career, what happened with TNA, if and when he will be returning to the WWE, his Celebrities for Charity raffle and more.

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Here are some excepts from the interview:

On whether or not he wanted to leave TNA or they decided it was time to part ways:

Well, you know what, I had given them the option of letting me go. Maybe this will be breaking news. I know there has been little pieces out there. When Terry Taylor was head of talent relations, I had a very good talk with Terry and I just said ‘remember when Bill Watts would say is anybody is not happy they should get the hell out?’ and he said yeah. I said I’d be that guy getting up, walking out.

How he would sum up his time in TNA:

It was frustrating. It was enjoyable. It was great for my family. It was a great way of life for three years as far as being home and not having to entertain too many commitments. But it was a little frustrating.

On getting back with another promotion like WWE:

I’m looking forward to the prospect of doing something soon on television again. I have no idea when that might be but I think it will be in the next several months.

On whether or not he would like to do broadcast work again:

(laughs) You know what? I’m not ruling it out. I’m not ruling it out. Sometimes I think at the end of my run in TNA I wonder what would have happened if I had would have been just a little more willing to accept the job under the terms, under those unusual terms that WWE broadcasters have. And the truth is JR and I would be a pretty good team and I’d be really woven into that fabric of week to week television. And I doubt that being yelled at would even bother me any more. I might be willing to give it a try. You never know. Stranger things have happened.