David Lagana talks 9/11 with JBL, Garcia, Heyman

David Lagana sent this in:

This is a very special edition of the podcast where I speak with five different former WWE employees. They each share their unique perspective of what it was like to be on the road with WWE during the tragedies of 9/11. We will never forget what happened that day/week. This podcast is one that I’m very proud of putting together as it looks at what WWE did to help the country start its road to recovery.

In this podcast we talk with people in the room with Vince McMahon as he watched the tragedy unfold. We talk with a wrestler, the director, and creative team members on how the 9/13/01 episode got on the air; what it was like with security, how the talents felt and the feeling inside the building. Plus, we hear from the woman who sung the national anthem that night and the impact it had.

This is a podcast that looks back at ten years ago from the people who were there. John Layfield, Lilian Garcia, Pete Doyle (WWE Creative 2001), Tim Walbert (Former WWE Director) and Paul Heyman give their real and candid thoughts recorded over the past week now ten years later. Also in this podcast, you’ll hear from JBL, Lilian, and Tim Walbert on how the Tribute to the Troops idea was born and executed. I was never more proud of WWE for the efforts they did that week and all they did for the troops.

Listen to the podcast at http://iwantwrestling.com/2011/09/06/wwe911/

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