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Arda Ocal (@Arda_Ocal) and Jimmy Korderas (@JimmyKorderas) of AFTERMATH RADIO on iTunes (FORMERLY RIGHT AFTER WRESTLING radio) chat with former WWE Superstar Lance Storm (@storm_wrestling, Highlights:

– Thoughts on his e-book “Storm Warning”: how it came about and will there be future projects including a second collection of commentaries and an autobiography?

– Being a part of the Wrestling Revolution Project: why did he pick this project to be a part of?

– Storm Wrestling Academy: why did he choose to offer 3 month classes as opposed to a year long program like many other schools?
“I think (the 3 month system) the best system of training. You can pay and train for a year but I think that’s a lazy system. (in that system) You get people joining the school at different times and you never learn everything in the order that you should. Some guys will have different levels of experience. You never have the same group of people at the same level of experience. That’s how I learned from the Harts in 1990, and that’s how I teach.”

– Thoughts on his 5 WWE-signed developmental students; who he helped trained when he was head of WWE training in OVW (including Dolph Ziggler who he trained “from scratch”)

– Visiting old friends when RAW/Smackdown was in Edmonton/Calgary

– Does Lance want his last match to be against Chris Jericho, his first opponent?

– Will Storm Wrestling Academy ever become a WWE developmental territory? Why isn’t it one now?
“I’ve had all kinds of different levels of talks for quite a while. We’ve just never managed to figure out how to make it work. There’s always been on going conversation. I think they hope I cave in and move to Florida. I think it makes sense to have a developmental territory in Canada. Before Deep South I talked to Vince about it. I’d like to be involved with that level again with WWE.”

– Recollections on various commentaries included in “Storm Warning”, including his disappointment at not being on the card at WrestleMania 20 while Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg was

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