Audio: “The Teacher’s Lounge” for 9/17/11

The latest edition of “The Teacher’s Lounge” for Saturday, September 17, 2011 with hosts Dave Stephens (Raw Recapper and Wrestleview Columnist) and Anthony Valvo (Wrestleview Columnist) is now streaming on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

Topics covered for this week’s edition of The Teacher’s Lounge for September 17th:

Title: “The Return”

* Dave makes his triumphant return to the show and explains why he has not been on the show in over two months.

* We jumped into the Big Picture and talked about the CM Punk’s crusade in the WWE, HHH admitting that the WWE is a “young man’s business”, Roddy Piper beating legends with a broken neck, A Sold Out Survivor Series, and Cody’s paper bags.

* There was only one TMZ “Useless Story”, but we vowed never to mention the “EPIC FAIL”‘s name anymore. If you don’t know who we are talking about, you will when you listen to the show.

* However, we did have a useless story of the week, and it involves an Immortal and some small wrestlers.

* Speaking of “small”, we dove into the Small Picture and talked briefly about Linda McMahon’s Senate run, CM Punk merchandise, Sting vs. Hogan, “Warrior” starring Angle (I think), Inside Out starring Triple H, Bo Rotundo, HHH and the status of WWE Studios, TNA’s lack of cooperation when it comes to their talents going to Japan, Flair and “The Cleveland Show”, and Ricky Reyes’s new nickname for the “flippy wrestlers”.

* After some detentions, Dave and Mr. V played a couple games. Josh Boutwell gave us a few good e-mails regarding football and professional wrestling. See who got fired in our latest “Title Job Fire” segment. James Lacerenza also sent us a couple TJFs in which Dave decided it was the right time to play some music never heard on the Wrestleview Radio Network.

* Also, we provide our predictions for WWE’s Night of Champions.

* No e-mail this week (lazy students), however we still were happy enough to give out Gold Stars on the program.

*All this and so much more on the Wrestleview Radio Network

* QUICK PLUG: Tonight, Mr. V will be joined with Nicholas “OneManX” Gray, Jason Namako, and possibly Mike Tedesco on a special podcast recapping the Ring of Honor iPPV “Death Before Dishonor IX”.

* PLEASE (begging you) send e-mail to We are getting lonely.

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