Kayfabe Commentaries sent this in:


If a dozen stars of pro wrestling sat down in a room, do you think they’d be able to agree on what wrestling’s most awful angle was? Opinions would likely vary and perspectives would be different depending on lots of factors. But a dozen stars were asked to comment on what fans thought were wrestling’s top 5 Most Awful Angles of all time, in the latest edition of the DVD series “Wrestling’s Most…” which went onsale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com. And indeed, their reactions to fans’ votes run the gamut, from utter confusion to total agreement.

The DVD series is a countdown show, wherein talent comment on the top selections made by fans, via their vote on www.kayfabecommentaries.com website. Road Warrior Animal, Tammy Sytch, Chyna, The Masked Superstar, Matt Bourne, Bill Apter, JJ Dillon are among the talent on season one of the series, weighing in this time on the countdown of the most awful angles in history. Each episode of the series tackles a new topic, like the debut edition that covered Wrestling’s Most Controversial Moment, which saw “the Montreal screwjob” take the #1 spot in the countdown. What will this edition’s #1 be? Kayfabe Commentaries always remain tight-lipped about the results, citing the fans’ enjoyment of posting their guesses on Twitter and Facebook, awaiting the DVD’s arrival for the countdown and big reveal. Drama? In wrestling? Yeah. Remember that?!

The countdown format, with brand new original footage from 12 wrestling stars on the same shoot DVD is a format never seen before Kayfabe Commentaries’ series. It’s another groundbreaking innovation to the shoot genre says Kayfabe Commentaries President Sean Oliver. “This show is so far beyond anything attempted by a shoot DVD producer, that I have to say it doesn’t even resemble a shoot-style interview at all. I wouldn’t even classify it there. This is straight-up, wrestling entertainment programming,” Oliver says. “Shoot interview is a real misnomer and will probably be phased out along with the stale format of those.”

He’s also keenly aware that, as with many of Kayfabe Commentaries’ productions, this innovation will spawn a slew of copycat attempts. “As we’ve seen before, as we steer this genre’s programming in new and exciting directions, others will follow. And I suppose that’s good all around. But buyer beware…someone can pick up a guitar and tell you they’re gonna play Runnin With the Devil. But that don’t make them Van Halen.”

Also launching today on Kayfabe Commentaries’ website is the polling for next season’s Wrestling’s Most. Head over and cast your vote for the first category Wrestling’s Most Awesome Manager. You can vote and purchase Wrestling’s Most at www.kayfabecommentaries.com or www.shootinterviews.com.