Dana White, Jones respond to Triple H comments

During the UFC 135 Pre-fight Press Conference earlier today in Denver, UFC President Dana White was asked about the comments WWE’s Triple H made recently about the UFC needing to evolve.

Here is a transcript of the full exchange.

Question: “This is really a question for the entire panel. Triple H, actor/pretender/professional wrestler, has said that MMA as a sport needs to evolve like WWE did and often the fights are long and boring. And it is just a bunch of guys laying down or fights that end too fast. How do you guys respond to something like that coming from another athlete?”

Note: Another media member could be seen in the background putting his hands up and saying the word “bullsh*t” talking with another media member as this question was being asked.

Jon Jones (UFC Fighter): “I think that is absolutely ridiculous. I mean, think about how many jiu jitsu dojos there is who absolutely love to see a greatly executed guard pass. Or think about the whole culture of wrestling. The #1 sport and the first ever sport invented – wrestling. There is a whole nation and society that loves to see beautiful takedowns executed. So for people to say jiu jitsu or wrestling or fighting a ground match is horrible, I tell them to go watch K-1.”

Dana White (UFC President): “I agree. His father-in-law is starting to let him talk in public now. He will get better at it, don’t worry. (crowd laughs) He’ll stop saying stupid sh*t soon.”

If you wish to view the footage, click here. Begins at the 9:50 mark.

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