The latest edition of “Wrestleview Radio” for Thursday, September 22, 2011 is now archived and airing on the Wrestleview Radio Network with Adam Martin, Hunter Golden and Doug Lackey.

Topics discussed on the show for September 22, 2011:

* Adam kicks off the Thursday podcast reading a great email from NXT recapper Grash.
* The email involves Hunter being in a “grumpy mood” regarding the failing Red Sox.
* Doug recaps the 9/22 edition of Impact Wrestling and doesn’t finish it completely.
* Discussion on Matt Hardy’s FOURTH arrest in a month and going to WWE sponsored rehab.
* Hunter on why the culture of modern day wrestlers is different compared to the past.
* Thoughts on if Matt Hardy’s situation is one if not the biggest meltdowns more recently.
* Adam covers news that made headlines on from Tuesday to Thursday.
* After the break, we review news involving Dolph Ziggler and Jerry Lawler/Mark Henry.
* VIP member JerseyViper joins the show to preview ROH’s TV debut on Sinclair.
* We bring back to the game “What did Josh Boutwell think of Impact” on the show this week.
* Plus, it is September and we are already getting excited about our Christmas Party.
* That and more on this subscriber only weekly Thursday podcast!

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